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Our Therapy Centers

Welcome to our Practice! Snider Therapy Centers is equipped with a wide range of therapies and interventions to create specialized treatment protocols for our patients.  Through Dr. Snider and Mr. Snider's diligence in continual education, they have integrated cutting edge therapies that function on the understanding that the human brain is constantly growing and changing (brain plasticity).  Some of these therapies include Vision Therapy, Photo Therapy, Interactive Metronome, Sensory Learning Program, Integrated Learning System (iLs), and JIAS.  Through maintaining such a large toolbox of knowledge, Snider Therapy is well able to treat vision and multi-sensory issues that interfere with learning and development.

Our staff strives to help each patient obtain their visual goals. To view our staff, please visit our Team page.

Our centers in Alabama and Mississippi offer effective treatment options for visual and multi-sensory dysfunctions that interfere with performance. Improvements in reading, learning, sports, behavior, and sleep patterns are outcomes frequently reported by patients and parents.

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For more information or to schedule an evaluation call (205) 408-4414.