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Neuro-Visual Assessment (NVA)

A Neuro-Visual Assessment (NVA) is a comprehensive exam used to test eye performance and brain function. This exam is used to detect vision and multi-sensory problems that interfere with a patient’s ability to learn and process information. Some of the areas we check during this evaluation are as follows:

  • A thorough review of the patient's history including general health and developmental history
  • Measurement of how clearly the patient can see up close and at a distance ( e.g. 20/20)
  • Refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism)
  • Assessment of eye focusing, eye teaming, and eye movement abilities (accommodation, binocular vision, ocular motility)
  • An assessment of the patient’s functional visual fields, i.e. 'tunnel vision'
  • Brain Timing
  • Visual Memory
  • Reading skill and comprehension

Call our office to schedule an evaluation for you or your child.  Snider Therapy Centers uses vision therapy, photo therapy, Interactive Metronome, and the Sensory Learning Program to treat vision and multi-sensory issues that interfere with learning and development.


Sports Vision Evaluation

Athletic performance is a product of many factors including vision, strength, speed, experience, coaching, and mental skills. However, superior physical skills cannot completely make up for inaccurate visual processing of the “when and where” of action.

Average visual skills are not sufficient for the athlete competing at elite levels. Superlative sporting performance requires superior visual abilities. Snider Therapy Centers can aid the improvement of visual skills through vision therapy.

Call our office to schedule a Sports Vision Assessment to ensure that your athlete’s visual performance is as quick, accurate, and repeatable as possible.

For more information about our Sports Vision Therapy, click the button below.

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