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Welcome to Snider Therapy Centers

Snider Therapy Centers specialize in Developmental Vision Therapy and Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation to treat patients of all ages. Looking beyond “vision”, we assess and improve brain function. When the brain is unable to correctly process the information it is receiving through the eyes, ears, and movement, it’s ability to function optimally is impacted. Learning, behavior, and emotions are then negatively affected. Diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, ODD, OCD, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem are common for those whose brain struggles to correctly interpret perceived information.

Our centers in Alabama and Mississippi offer effective treatment options for visual and multi-sensory dysfunctions that interfere with performance. Improvements in reading, learning, sports, behavior, and sleep patterns are outcomes frequently reported by patients and parents.

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Neuro-Visual Assessment

This comprehensive exam is used to test eye performance and brain function. In addition, our exam is able to detect vision and multi-sensory problems that interfere with a patient’s ability to learn and process information.


Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is a type of Physical Therapy. Like other forms of physical therapy, with vision therapy, optimum results require much more than visual acuity or binocular eye muscle control. Vision Therapy actually helps strengthen the neural pathways.

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Sensory Integration Therapies

Living in a sensory rich environment such as we do, it is imperative to be able to properly process and utilize that information. That is why we offer several therapies to help the brain integrate sensory input in a beneficial manner.

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Dr. Snider's Blog

Dr. Snider has developed a blog page to serve her patients and answer questions that are frequently asked. The page is a cumulative project of previously written works and new articles. Hop on over to learn as Dr. Snider shares her expertise on issues ranging from anxiety to severe head traumas.

Seminars and Lectures

Stay up-to-date with all our upcoming events, seminars, and lectures! Mr. Snider and Dr. Snider enjoy spreading their knowledge and expertise through seminars around Mississippi and Alabama. You do not want to miss them if they come to your area! The comprehension and mastery they possess together is astounding.

Rocky was failing in school; we had no idea why our very bright child was falling farther and farther behind. His eyes were crossed at 2 months old and he had surgery at 11 months old. In 3rd grade we noticed his eyes “wandering”, but his surgeon told us his eyes were just fine. As he was falling behind in school he was beginning to get “lost” on the soccer field and basketball court.

One of his teachers had a daughter who had good results at Snider referred us.

Three years later Rocky is back in school at grade level with a B average. He excels in school basketball as the high scorer on the JV team.

I could not be happier with our results. Our Rocky shines again and I’m very grateful!

- Robin B.

Our Programs & Therapies

Syntonic Phototherapy

Syntonic Phototherapy, also known as Optometric Phototherapy, uses visible light frequencies to enhance visual attention and the ability to understand what we see.

Auditory Therapies

Our programs include iLs as a multi-sensory program aimed at improving brain function and Interactive Metronome (IM) for neuro-motor assessment and treatment tool.

Sensory Learning

The Sensory Learning Program (SLP) is a multi-modal intervention designed to help developmental learning, by stimulating the visual, auditory, and vestibular systems at the same time.

From being told that her 4 year old, autistic daughter would be institutionalized by the age of 20 to seeing that same daughter enter her sophomore year of college at age 20, Mrs. Cantrell tells an incredible story of how Snider Therapy has changed her daughter’s life.