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I highly recommend Snider Therapy Centers for all of your needs.

Rocky was failing in school; we had no idea why our very bright child was falling farther and farther behind. His eyes were crossed at 2 months old and he had surgery at 11 months old. In 3rd grade we noticed his eyes “wandering”, but his surgeon told us his eyes were just fine. As he was falling behind in school he was beginning to get “lost” on the soccer field and basketball court.

One of his teachers had a daughter who had good results at Snider referred us.

Three years later Rocky is back in school at grade level with a B average. He excels in school basketball as the high scorer on the JV team.

I could not be happier with our results. Our Rocky shines again and I’m very grateful!

- Robin B.

Sports Vision Therapy Success!

James plays little league baseball and shortly after completing the first phase of therapy, he began hitting the baseball better. In fact, he started hitting balls over the fence for home runs. This is something we have yet to see any other eight year old do. He also got much better at catching pop fly balls. We attribute this in part to his being able to see and track the baseball better.

- Shelia. L