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2020 Vision Therapy Success Stories

Name: Ava
Age: 16

Since I have started Vision Therapy I have seen many positive changes. It is easier for me to read and it does not get tiring. I am also able to cross my eyes and schoolwork has gotten easier.

Name: Cason
Age: 11

Cason has an easier time with remembering spelling words and he seems to comprehend what he is reading better.

Name: Dylan
Age: 14

Dylan had frequent frustration outbursts and meltdowns before starting therapy. This 6th grade public school year was wrought with daily crying about homework and social interactions at school. We began homeschool but meltdowns continued until we found Snider Therapy. After beginning therapy, vestibular bed initially, his mood completely changed to one of cooperation, calmness and actual joy with smiles which we hadn’t seen in a very long time. This academic performance increased and his physical abilities as well with much better coordination and confidence in his abilities. Snider Therapy and all staff especially Ms. Ruth were a God send to our family.

Name: Cassidy
Age: 13

We have seen vast improvement in Cassidy’s attention to detail, artistic capabilities, hand writing, extrovert personality, reading, and comprehension. In the beginning we felt hopeless that Cassidy was going to be limited in her learning abilities, where as now we feel that she is the limit for her. This therapy has been a true blessing for her.

Name: Sadie
Age: 12

Truly an answer to prayer! We have sent countless hours over the years with tutoring and special help with reading with little to no improvement. After working with a reading specialist and making big improvement it was evident Sadie Brooke was still behind with reading. We knew she was very smart and she passed normal vision screening but her grades didn’t reflect that and she was getting very frustrated. Since vision therapy she has improved with her reading, focus, and emotionally. We didn’t realize she had tunnel vision until testing at Snider Therapy and if you ask her this is where she has seen the biggest difference. She loves art and pictures and she says the way she sees now is amazing. She says the colors are brighter and she can appreciate it ever more now!

Name: Noah
Age: 12

Mom: Improvements in handwriting and in his willingness to compose short stories in his own handwriting. His writing is legible now. His spelling has also improved. His focus and attention to less enjoyable work seems better.

Noah: I’ve seen improvements in all areas. Lot of books. Much more time reading.

Name: Sydney
Age: 11

When we started vision therapy I didn’t realize just how much trouble Sydney was having with her vision. I knew she was frustrated with reading and would complain about her eyes hurting and she would rub her eyes a lot. We had her vision checked and were told she would not benefit from glasses. After being tested at Snider Therapy we realized her eyes were having way more trouble with focusing and working together. She has improved so much and within the first few weeks would already tell a difference. Sydney’s handwriting has improved as well as her frustration, focus, and self esteem. Snider Therapy has been such a blessing.

Name: Lucy
Age: 9

Since beginning vision therapy Lucy has improved in her desire and abilities with reading. She has even begun to read books for fun, which I never thought was possible. Lucy also has come very far in her coordination and balance and athletic confidence. She now enjoys riding a bike without training wheels, roller skating, and can do a cartwheel and other gymnastics skills that she was previously unable to do. She never has eye strain headaches anymore and no longer has “burning, tired” eyes. We are so thankful for Snider Therapy, it has made a huge difference!

Name: Jake
Age: 16

I have seen Jake become more in control of himself and his reactions. He’s easier to teach and has more self-confidence. Jake’s reading has improved very much. He’s not struggling as much with math and I have great hopes for his future. Ms. Ruth was a special blessing to Jake and our family. The whole Snider family means so much to us. The help you’ve given my son is something I prayed for so long! You all have given us hope and the confidence Jake needed. We are forever grateful! Thank you so much Dr. Snider, Mr. Snider, and Ms. Ruth.