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2019 Vision Therapy Success Stories

Name: Sydney

Sydney has improved so much since beginning vision therapy last summer. One of the biggest changes is now it used to take a week to read a 70 page 2nd/3rd grade level book. Now she reads without being told to and is on the 3rd Harry Potter book. Another change is how we all dreaded evenings because we would spend hours on homework that should have been completed in 45 minutes. Sydney is able to concentrate longer and initiates her own homework. School is easier. Grades have improved. She is happy because she made a few good friends this year. Her maturity level has seemed to improve. Outside of school, Sydney has shown improvements with her sports, notably soccer which she loves but has struggled with since she started. Her coordination seems better. She wants to try new activities and catches on quicker. She has shown a general increase in self-confidence which makes a mom’s heart HAPPY!


Name: Josiah

Before Snider Therapy, Josiah struggled in school. He hated reading, writing, and spelling. We knew there was something wrong just didn’t know what it was or how to handle it. From the beginning of homeschooling we just learned to “adjust” his schooling to fit his problem but every year continued to be a struggle. Fast forward ten years and we hit a wall until we found Snider Therapy! Just after 16 sessions we could see a HUGE change in Josiah, not just in school but every aspect of his life. Since therapy, school is no longer a struggle. He can do his work independently and with much focus. He communicates his problems (and successes) well and doesn’t give up when he is frustrated. What thrilled my heart the most was when he would randomly tell me things he struggled with and say “Before therapy I couldn’t do _______. Now I can, Mom!” Snider Therapy works! And for that we are forever grateful!


Name: Fallon

My sweet girl has been blessed by this. She can hear better, and responds better. She is getting A honor roll now. She is more confident in herself. She has gotten better with math and numbers. It’s also better a blessing for me her father. We have learned so much. Thank you Jesus and to all the staff Amen.

It has helped so much


Name: Elizabeth

Her capacity to do her schoolwork has gone from 0 to competent. She throws far fewer tantrums. Her handwriting is smaller and neater. She is able to read and complete assignments on her own with far less assistance. When we started she could not copy from the board. Now she is keeping up with her own work. (She still needs extra time for some things)


Name: Cameron

  • Runs into door frames/walls less frequently.
  • Grades in Math and Reading have improved.
  • Needs less help at school on tests in Math.
  • Hand writing is much more legible.
  • Spelling ability has improved.
  • We can now read and understand what he has written.
  • Reads much more smoothly and fluently.
  • His attitude toward reading has improved.

*He likes and wants to read again! He even earned the lead role in the church puppet show and loves to lead singing.


Name: Nephi

Nephi has always been a very patient, sweet, loving boy. When he was asked to write his name, or a simple sentence, he would cry, but continue. It would take him hours to complete 5 math problems, read 1 page in a beginner reader, write 1 sentence, 1 pages of spelling, read 1 page in a science or history book. Many tears were shed from Nephi and mom. I realized something had to be done. We came to Snider after 1 year of Nephi wearing glasses, and we saw results very soon after starting. He was so happy to go to therapy with Mrs. Elizabeth. He has worked so hard and ho has Mrs. Elizabeth. He can focus, write, read, and do math without tears!! Thank you so much!


Name: Eliza

Ever since I started therapy I have noted several changes. I used to read words backwards but now that I did therapy I read them the right way. My therapist, Mrs. Elizabeth said if I read them backwards it will mess up what my therapy has done. I can read better and my grades went up. I used to make 30’s on my spelling tests but after therapy I made a 103! My behavior at home has gotten better. U used to cram and cry when I had to do homework, but now I don’t. Therapy has changed my entire life! I used to not like reading but no I do. The therapists at Snider are really nice. They are really good company, especially Mrs. Elizabeth.


Name: Cara

Cara’s able to focus for longer periods of time now, which has improved her reading comprehension. She has more confidence in her ability to read; therefore, she is much more motivated. Also, her ability to copy from books and the board has greatly improved. Her spelling isn’t where it should be, but she has made great strides to getting on grade level. She still occasionally writes things backwards, but it isn’t nearly as frequent. She also doesn’t talk as loudly as she did before therapy. Overall, this has been a beneficial program for Cara. Mrs. Rita has been the absolute best, and we love and appreciate her immensely! Do not publish.


Name: Jonathan

Jonathan had difficulty with reading before starting. He requested reading glasses, but often had trouble finding his place or skipping words. When he would complete his schoolwork he would fail to complete rows of problems. He often had issues with attention to detail especially when cleaning countertops. He was not able to see spills or crumbs. Since completing vision therapy, he doesn’t struggle with reading, no longer requests reading glasses and does a great job cleaning up. We are not having the issues with skipping problems on homework. Summer was a fabulous therapist.


Name: Brac

When Starting Snider therapy, Brac was struggling with reading and was only beginning to read simple words. He would skip lines and omit words even if he knew them. It was difficult to test him because he couldn’t read simple sight words used in the testing. Through the course of the program, i can see so much maturity and growth in every aspect of his schooling. He still isn’t on grade level with reading but he has improved so much and he is on the right path. He can now fly through those words that he struggled with during his initial testing. Brac enjoyed his time at Snider. His therapist, Rita, has become more than just a therapist to our family. I’ve never had anyone that has been more encouraging and loving to any of my children. He always looks forward to his appointments! This has not only encouraged and motivated him but it’s made my job so easy. I never had to “make” Brac do his home therapy. He has made time each day regardless of his busy schedule. He also is the one that always remembers to pack his therapy when packing his bags for a trip. With all this being said, he has learned more than just reading, vision, and auditory processing…he has learned to be diligent in his work, to persevere, and to stay motivated even when it wasn’t the easiest. Thank you to all that have welcomed Brac into the office. You’ve meant so much to us!


Name: Foster

My daughter struggled with reading and spelling words in kindergarten. We did not understand what was wrong and the school was no help. Snider therapy entered the picture and we completed sensory therapy and vision training. Now Foster is able to better focus, read at a 2n grade level and build up her confidence with reading skills. Also, when the school and the psychiatrist finally concluded that she does not have ADHD and that VT has made a difference because medicine never worked (because she did not have ADHD). Thank you to the Snider Therapy Team!


Name: Cody

Cody has shown improvements since starting vision therapy. Cody is a struggling reader and we have seen so much improvement! His comprehension levels have improved as well!

Cody seems so much more confident in every area. He has started playing baseball this year and his hand-eye coordination has improved tremendously.


Name: Ella

Ella’s eyes seem to have strengthened with vision therapy. She has improved tracking while reading text in books. Her handwriting has also improved. Ms. Tina was so supportive and kind to Ella. She took the time to get to know Ella and her interests. She was a great fit for Ella.


Name: Bryce

  • More forward thinking
  • More organized
  • More coordinated
  • Quicker reflexes
  • Works more efficiently
  • Vision and hearing fields have opened up
  • Very excited to see how Johansen Auditory program fills in the missing piece!


Name: Sadie

  • School work does not take all day.
  • She is able to see her surroundings.
  • Loves to read books for fun (not out loud).
  • Plays with children closer to her age.
  • The noise of rain, thunder, or children being loud does not bother her.

There were times I wanted to give up. When we reached the eighth month there was light at the end of the road. I would still do it all over again. There was a lot of time, energy, and travel. In the end it was the hope I was looking for.


Name: Abigail
Age: 13

Abagail has improved in her focus and overall reading abilities. She has become better organized with her school work. She also prioritizes better with school, work, sports, and household chores. Abigail enjoyed working with Ms. Ruth!


Name: Blake
Age: 13

When Blake started vision therapy last year, his handwriting was poor, his confidence was low, and his ability to read a functional level as almost nonexistent. Since he has completed therapy, we have seen significant progress in all of those areas. His handwriting is actually neat and easily legible. He writes much faster and is now able to copy words/text from books/boards to paper with much more accuracy and ease. He always attempts to read text prior to asking us to read it for him. He did not make any attempts such as this prior to therapy. His confidence in his abilities to read and write has increased tremendously. He is able to complete school assignments almost independently, whereas previously he required tremendous oversight for a middle school student. He is now able to read at a functional level with more accuracy. Vision therapy has given Blake a great foundation on which to build. We feel like progress has been made that will enable him to function independently into his teen and adult life. We plan to continue building on the foundation that has been established here.


Name: Kaitlin
Age: 9

We came to Snider Therapy because Kaitlin was having incredible difficulty staying focused in class. She understood everything that was being taught to her and could verbalize it back to you, but when it came time to put it down on paper — she just couldn’t do it.

Over the last year, we have seen several improvements with the help of Snider Therapy. Kaitlin is able to read for greater lengths of time. She can now focus and not become so easily distracted with everything going on around her. She has recently learned how to ride a bike; something up until now she had been terrified to do. Her confidence has increased as well as meltdowns and frustrations have decreased. We feel this is a result of Kaitlin going through Sensory and Vision Therapy.

We are forever grateful to Rita, Dr. Snider, and the staff for all they have done for Kaitlin.