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2017 Vision Therapy Success Stories

Name: Will
Age: 12
Date: 1/9/17

I had headaches, zoned out, and had bad peripheral vision, but after vision therapy all those problems were fixed.

Name: Peyton
Age: 12
Date: 2/6/17

Peyton began his journey at Snider’s when we were at our wits end. He was struggling academically, socially, and with focusing in school. We spent hours each night on homework with him not gaining much from it. In June 2015, we started sensory therapy. We then moved on to vision therapy and eventually 2 round of iLs. Peyton has had the most improvement in his reading and spelling abilities. He could barely read or spell when we started and now he is at least at a solid 4th grade level. He is focusing better and is more independent with daily tasks. He is also more mature in his interactions and seems to be more aware of appropriate behavior. Peyton also notices his surroundings more. Mrs. Rita and the entire staff have been such a blessing to all of us. They treat us as their own and have even offered their prayer in times of need.

Name: Jackson
Age: 10
Date: 2/15/17

Since coming to vision therapy, Jackson likes to read more!! He takes more ownership of his work and I have noticed (and so has he!) how much faster he is able to read and comprehend. He doesn’t lose his place when reading as much as he did in the past. In general, vision therapy has grown his confidence. Plus he thought vision therapy was lots of fun!

Name: Lily
Age: 10
Date: 3/2/17

Lily did not have a complete field of vision. She used to run into furniture, people and would miss the soccer ball rolling right past her. She was a horribly picky eater and was super sensitive to loud noises. She was also beginning to have trouble with math (end of 2nd grade). Now she is improving in math, can see peripherally and is more open to trying foods. She is not nearly as sensitive to noises as she used to be. We were referred by an eye doctor because Lily would sometimes cross her eyes.

Name: Nacho
Age: 9
Date: 5/23/17

  • When I started vision therapy it was really difficult for me to read a whole book (250 pg.) and now I’m able to read books of 250 pg.
  • My visual field was smaller and now is much bigger.
  • My handwriting has improved since then.

Name: Jackson
Age: 12
Date: 7/6/17

We were searching and praying for something that would help Jackson with many issues. Especially with explosive anger, self-control, and obedience. With so many peop0le telling us if was a heart/parenting issue, we doubted any other answer. Snider came highly recommended and gave us hope. We started ASAP.

The first obvious result came 6 days into sensory therapy. Jackson actually heard and responded to me when he was busy with something else! This has only increased! He can now focus for much longer periods of time. He used to constantly make vocal/physical (beating) noises. That has decreased dramatically! He obeys more in line with what I feel is typical 12 year old behavior. Rarely does he have explosive outburst about small inconsequential situations. We have a discipline plan in place and it works! He is so much happier and our house is much more peaceful. We are excited to see what this coming school year holds and how he responds academically.

We are so thankful to Kim in Huntsville and Lynne in Columbus. Jackson loved working with both of them so very much! And especially thankful for the Sniders. They have given us hope for Jackson’s future!

Name: Mattie
Age: 8
Date: 7/18/17

She is seeing things that are farther off. She is also noticing things (movements) outside of her original vision field. She says colors look much brighter to her. She is able to concentrate much better on what she’s doing even if there is outside noises and distractions. She for the first time ever began hearing the blinker in the vehicle. She is hearing better and says “huh” much less when she’s sitting right beside you and is told to do something. She is following multi-step instructions much better now.

Name: Ashlyn
Age: 8
Date: 7/26/17

Ashlyn’s fluency has become extremely better. Her speed and accuracy of reading has improved. We do not seem to notice her right eye turning in without her glasses.

Name: Kaden
Age: 10
Date: 7/27/17

-Better focus for reading

-Little Hyper

-More confident when it comes to reading

Name: Shelby
Age: 19
Date: 8/14/17

Before beginning sensory I had daily/every other day migraines. Within the first week of light therapy they decreased to once a week and by the end they were gone. It also improved my reading. Where before my eyes got tired quickly, making it hard to read or study for any amount of time, I can read easy books near what I was able to do before I started having symptoms.

Name: Carli
Age: 9
Date: 9/25/17

Charli seems to be more aware of her surroundings. She tend to notice more signs and nearby names of businesses as we drive along. Speaking out more complete sentences. Engaged in conversation and more attentive to what is being said and responding correctly more after. She also has started singing more.

Name: John
Age: 5
Date: 12/19/17

Johnny Jay has calmed down a lot! He can join in with more group activities! He has been working on being able to focus and read more. Talking n full sentences. Has made a lot of progress in self control!

Name: Frankie
Age: 9
Date: 12/19/17

Before beginning Sensory Learning Frankie refused to wear his glasses Now Frankie keeps his glasses on and can see a lot better. Dr. Snider prescribed the right prescription for Frankie. And now he loves wearing his glasses. I’ve seen improvements with homework. However, Frankie still takes several breaks. Things are better with tasks at school and home.