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2016 Vision Therapy Success Stories

Name: Dylan and Jacob
Ages: 9 and 11
Date: 2/18/2016

I wanted to write about both my sons since both have experienced vision therapy at Snider Therapy, and Jacob also did sensory integration therapy. Many experiences were similar but I was impressed at how Dr. Snider and all the staff worked to accommodate the individual needs of my boys. Their therapy, while having some similarities, helped strengthen their individual areas of need.

Dylan just finished therapy (well we will continue at home!) and we have seen marked improvements in:

  • Reading! (Hello chapter books. He reads whatever he wants, including scriptures),
  • Spelling (good-bye hours of avoidance and confused looks),
  • Self-confidence
  • Hand-eye coordination (one of the best goalies in the state. Go soccer!)

Jacob finished therapy two years ago and we continue to see him grow. Mostly he has the confidence to tackle challenges and a voice to tell us when he is overwhelmed and needs a change of pace or moment alone to decompress.

Name: Tripp
Age: 7
Date: 3/15/2016

Tripp’s kindergarten teacher brought a few things about Tripp’s vision to our attention. When the Sniders did the initial evaluation we (Robert and I) were a bit overwhelmed by the things brought to light. I believe Tripp was so young when we began to address these things that he never noticed a difference in his reading speed, handwriting or coordination than that of his peers. His handwriting has greatly improved but the most noticeable change has been reading. He was certainly struggling with reading last summer, and reading at such a slow speed that retaining the story subject was difficult. Last week at school Tripp read 12 AR books on a 2.5 level or above; his average score was 97%. I think that speaks for itself. We feel like this process isn’t over but that Snider taught him how to do some things with his eyes that he was struggling to achieve on his own. We have certainly been blessed.

Name: Diego
Age: 11
Date: 3/16/2016

We want to thank this institution for their hard work and to the people who made this possible, and also God for putting these people in our lives. We’ve had a difficult time with Diego and finding this place has improved everything. When Diego first started his therapy it was very hard to get him to do simple task like talk to other people or do what we asked of him. In school it was very exhausting to him and with his therapy he soon enjoyed going and everything changed for the better. He has become more social and now plays soccer, he is also more obedient and responsible.

Name: Tessa
Age: 17
Date: 4/1/2016

  • ACT score went up 6 points in one test.
  • I can comprehend what I’m reading.
  • I enjoy reading.
  • I can read faster.
  • My handwriting has improved.
  • My car sickness has gotten better.
  • Less eye strain.
  • I have a driver’s license now.

Name: Paul
Age: 8
Date: 5/24/2016

  • Writes with ease legibly.
  • Improved 2 grade levels in reading in 10 months.
  • Hit only 2 hits as a 7 year old in baseball, but hit a homerun and many other hits as 8 year old.
  • Could barely put together simple puzzles, but now can put together 200 piece puzzles.
  • His distractibility, procrastination, irritability, meltdowns, fidgeting, and other negative habits have disappeared.
  • Paul will no longer be subject to not understanding why he is bright but couldn’t excel at anything. Because of Dr. Cochran, Mrs. Rita and the Sniders, Paul is capable of anything.

Name: Harper
Age: 17
Date: 7/23/2016

I have had many improvements since I started vision therapy last year. This includes seeing 3D for the first time, being able to read and retain the material, and I’m able to concentrate for longer periods of time.

I believe vision therapy has also helped me with several health related issues due to stress. Symptoms of IBS, headaches and anxiety have gotten much better.

I really appreciate my awesome therapists and the Snider clinic for all of their care and help.

Name: Jack
Age: 13
Date: 7/21/2016

Jack started Snider after his older brother TJ had displayed great progress and success once starting the vision therapy program. Jack has really never struggled in school, but has had problems with one of his eyes not being the same strength as his other. Some positive changes Jack has made since beginning vision therapy include: better memorization, better handwriting, less time studying for tests, overall better athletic ability, especially with his basketball skills. He does not get as frustrated doing homework and now does his work on his own with little to no help from his parents. This has given him more confidence and in turn raised his overall grades. I believe that as he enters his last year of middle school, he will be much more prepared for the upcoming year and this will in turn help him in his transition to high school. Thank you most of all to Kim and Rita for continuously pushing him and letting him know that he could do great things. Also, thank you for always being a positive part of his progress. We can’t tell you how much that means to us. We will always highly recommend Snider and hope our boys just continue to excel in all they do.

Name: Marisol
Age: 10
Date: 9/12/2016

Before we began therapy, Marisol was really behind in all areas of study especially reading. She has made great improvements at school and has even made progress controlling her behavior and attention span. Everyone at Snider has really helped her and encouraged her to do better. The staff is very caring and enjoyable to work with. They quickly become like family. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to making Marisol who she is today!

Name: Gabriel
Age: 10
Date: 10/27/2016

Since he began therapy Gabriel has changed so much. His confidence is through the roof, his grades/grade level of learning has gone from 2 grade levels below his age group to now being almost a grade level ahead, and best of all he’s finally happy in school. My son was a shy, scared kid and now he’s just bubbling over with ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Therapy gave him his confidence back. He couldn’t read a whole sentence when he started, not without having a whole lot of help and a complete breakdown halfway through. Now he is doing homework on his own, reading instructions, figuring things out without me, and talking about wanting to be an engineer, an architect, or software designer. Thank you so much for giving my son the opportunity and ability to be part of this worlds: one day be successful on his own.

Name: Philip
Age: 16
Date: 10/27/2016

Philip is our second child to come to Snider Therapy Centers. Both of our children greatly benefited from therapy. Philip has always been driven and has been a good student, but we began to notice issues with tracking the baseball while hitting. He has also now developed a love for reading. We decided to go ahead and have him tested because our daughter, Claire, had already been through vision therapy and had done really well with it.

Philip had a very limited field of vision, a astigmatism requiring glasses for reading and for distance while playing sports, and some significant deficiencies in tracking that was probably beginning to show as he progressed in baseball. We eagerly began therapy and started noticing quite a difference.

With the help of the entire professional staff and his therapist, Rita, Philip progressed through therapy with ease. He has truly enjoyed his experience and seemed to be surrounded by a team of knowledgeable “cheerleaders”! He reads much better, faster, and with great comprehension. He is hitting the baseball even better than before.

Our entire family would like to thank Snider Therapy for providing such an exceptional experience to us. Your services have made a tremendous impact on both of our children.