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2015 Vision Therapy Success Stories

Name: Nash
Age: 7
Date: 1/19/2015

Nash began to struggle with reading in 1st grade. He had no focus and presented ADD symptoms. We knew his ability was way greater than his performance. It’s like he was trapped. We started vision therapy and immediately began to see improvements in all aspects (reading, classroom focus, behavior, sports) homework became much less of a struggle. There were no more tears after homework and reading. We saw great strides in his listening skills. His coordination and reflexes in baseball/soccer improved. His self-esteem and confidence when meeting strangers was so much better. His ability to handle himself in crowded /loud/ fun circumstances became a more calm experience.

Vision Therapy gave us our child back and made him a joy to be around again.

I would do it 100x over again. It has changed our world and given the tools he needed to succeed in all aspects of his life

Name: Emma
Age: 10
Date 2/5/2015

Emma’s handwriting has gotten neater and her reading is much better. Before she struggled in reading and now she is excited about reading. Emma has also improved in her focus on activities and wants to be more independent in completing projects. She also seems more mature and less temperamental.

Name: Caidi
Age: 9
Date: 3/3/2015

Caidi has increased her reading speed since she has begun light and vision therapy. Her ability to work continuously on homework has also increased. She has a greater awareness of objects around her and she doesn’t bump into things. She also doesn’t invade other’s personal space unintentionally. She is less tired when she comes home from school. We have noticed her memorization skills are better. Her amazing therapists, Elizabeth and Rita, have given her more self-assuredness.

Thank you so much.

Name: Janie
Age: 10
Date: 3/16/2015

Since the beginning of Vision Therapy Janie Lee has started riding her bike often and without fear. She just finished a season of basketball and was a great team player. And she can throw and catch a Frisbee better than any child I know that’s her age. All three of these activities were embraced by her because of improvements of her peripheral vision. Team sports, balance, and hand-eye coordination were not pursued, now she enjoying more activities with organized skills required. School work is still demanding but she accepts the challenge and we all are very proud of her.

Name: Jeremiah
Age: 10
Date: 3/30/2015

What Jeremiah wrote: I did perfectly fine before Vision Therapy! I don’t know why mama sent me. The only difference I see is me moving my eyes more than my head. Mama’s writing will be wrong. And mine was right!

What Mama wrote: It’s a shame that we wasted so much time and money on V.T. according to Jeremiah’s assessments. Strangely enough, in the past 6 months, for some completely unknown reason Jeremiah has improved tremendously with his schoolwork. He no longer has daily meltdowns because I say it’s time to do math, and his math skills have improved. His reading comprehension is much better, as well as his memory and ability to focus on things. Interpersonally, he is much more affectionate with his family. He’s willing to try new things-especially foods-without whining and fussing and even eats what he doesn’t really like without a fuss. And just in the few soccer practices he’s had this year, I’m noticing that he is able to control the ball better and not shying away from playing. I mistakenly thought all this was due to V.T., but Jeremiah has set me straight.

Name: Preston
Age: 8
Date: 4/20/2015

Preston seems to be more focused on school work and has done better in spelling and reading. Preston has mad A&B Honor Roll since taking Vision Therapy and seems to catch smaller details. Preston enjoys reading more than he did before Vision Therapy.

Name: Anna
Age: 17
Date: 4/22/2015

Before vision therapy if you asked me what one thing I wanted to change about myself was I would say I wanted to read better. To most people this sounded like a dumb wish, but to me it was more than just a wish; it was my biggest dream. After vision therapy not only did my reading skills improve, but I no longer get headaches after reading or taking a long test. The words stopped moving on the page, and I am no longer nervous when I have to read out loud in class. For years I prayed for my dream of being able to read better to come true. I am blessed to say that God led me to Snider Therapy. Many people have said things like; I bet that you wish you had found out about vision therapy sooner. Since I found out when I was older, I have learned to appreciate the blessings that God has given me through my therapy. I know that God’s timing is perfect and that He is going to do amazing things with my story. I am so glad that God used Snider Vision Therapy to turn my dream into reality.

Name: Andrea
Age: 14
Date: 5/20/15

  • More focus on completing tasks
  • Able to finish assignments with own initiation
  • Able to stop using ADD meds since starting Vision Therapy
  • Takes more risks to try new things
  • Takes ownership of responsibilities and things she is accountable to and for

Name: Hatten
Age: 7
Date: 5/21/2015

Hatten has truly blossomed in school. She started kindergarten behind in her letter and sound recognition. Now, at the end of 1st grade she is reading on 3rd grade level! I attribute this all to her Vision Therapy! She had zero peripheral vision and her letters were not always deciphered correctly. She could not read horizontally, just vertically. Now, she loves to read! Her teacher has bragged about how intelligent she is, again, I think the Sensory Learning Therapy allowed all of her pathways to come to come together and work as God intended them to. Hatten no longer bumps into things or knocks over items because she “cannot see” them! She is a totally different child since we started eye therapy!! I cannot sing praises enough for this program and for Mrs. Susan our therapist! Everyone has been our family and we cherish them are forever grateful!

Name: Andrew
Age: 7

Before starting vision therapy, Andrew had lots of visual struggles. He has always been interested in academics and books, however, reading was hard for him to do. His eyes would burn and sting after doing small amounts of reading and he would also complain of headaches. Andrew would have to hold the book very close to his face, while covering one eye with his other hand to stop the double vision he had. He would often lose his place, and would need me to follow along with him pointing to every word. Now, Andrew reads grade levels ahead and enjoys reading for hours a day. His eyes no longer feel strained, and he is able to complete much more school work per day without getting headaches or stinging eyes. He is also able to align his “lazy eye” at will, and can even cross his eyes – something he definitely could not do before therapy.

Name: Owen
Age: 8
Date: 7/9/2015

Owen has much more confidence in himself and his schoolwork ability. He is able to see better while reading and his math and reading skills continue to improve. He is much more aware of his surroundings and is able to pay attention to things better. We have been pleased with his progress and hope to see continual change and progress.

Name: Lilie
Age: 8
Date: 9/3/2015

Since beginning vision therapy our lives have completely changed. School work and daily tasks are no longer a struggle ending in meltdowns or shutting down.

Her attention span has increased and now reads on her grade level.

Thank you Miss Susan and Snider Therapy Center for helping our daughter go from dreading daily activities to being happy, enthusiastic, attentive and ambitious child!

What Lilie wrote:

Since starting Vision Therapy I can see and read much better. My schoolwork is much easier and fun now. I have also improved in ice skating and piano. I use to struggle with all of my homework and especially reading, now I make all A’s!

Thank you, Miss Susan for helping me.

Thank You Snider Therapy Center for helping make my life better.

Name: Isaiah
Age: 8
Date: 9/5/2015

I play baseball. Vision Therapy helped me connect with the ball better. At first I went way over or under the ball. But now I’m a Pro.

Name: Scott
Age: 8
Date: 9/21/2015

When we began therapy Scott had such low self-esteem. He had trouble relating to those in his class. He felt he was always ridiculed. To offset that he became the class clown so he was in charge. His classroom behavior has mellowed. At recess he can “see” so he enjoys playing games and even being “it”. When school began this fall, within 2 weeks he was coming home from school with all his work done – every day! His grades have improved. His oral reading is still not where I want it to be, but he is making amazing strides. I am so thankful we found Snider Therapy.

Name: TJ
Age: 15
Date: 10/29/2015

My son TJ is 15 year old. He had no serious problems with grades in grade school or middle school, but always had to study really hard to get by. What we notice upon him entering high school was his self-esteem and test anxiety had hit rock bottom. He struggled in some classes, fell behind in sports and just often looked very unhappy.

After talking to my sister-in-law over the holidays last year, she told me we should have him tested at Snider and he should have Rita as his therapist. Her son had gone through therapy and was seeing much improvement. TJ and his cousin seemed to have some of the same issues. It was probably the best phone call I made for TJ. After having him evaluated we didn’t think twice about starting vision therapy. Rita became his therapist and they hit it off immediately. She noticed how he was not “acting like a normal teen.” He was always very serious. She said she was going to “loosen him up”, and she has done just that and we are forever grateful.

TJ has much more self- confidence, laughs more, and for the most part performs better in school as well as on the basketball court and baseball field. His coach even told me he could tell a difference. He still struggles from time to time, but tells me “I know what I need to do,” and often does just that.

We are thankful for the wonderful staff at Snider, especially for blessing our family with Rita. She has been the key factor in TJ’s success. We will miss her greatly, but will update her often on all of TJ’s successes!

Name: Kyle
Age: 10
Date: 11/3/2015

  1. Self-esteem has greatly improved.
  2. Behavior has also greatly improved.
  3. Improvements in his reading, spelling and math.
  4. He’s able to pay attention and concentrate.
  5. Look at you while talking at the same time.
  6. Handwriting greatly improved.
  7. Happier
  8. Kyle has become more sociable.
  9. Kyle is now at 3rd grade reading. When he started VT, he was in 3rd grade but 1st read reading level.

Name: Tripp
Age: 16
Date: 11/25/2015

Since I started vision therapy, I’ve noticed an improvement in my reading comprehension. I’ve been able to read a whole lot faster, which has helped on certain tests, such as the ACT. I’ve noticed an improvement in my peripheral vision as well. This has greatly improved my driving over the past year. This has also improved my athletic performance. For example, when I’m hitting in baseball, it has become relatively easy to pick up the break on a breaking ball from a pitcher. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve been working a lot faster. I’m not staying up until midnight working on homework anymore.