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2014 Vision Therapy Success Stories

Name: Noah
Age: 8
Date: 2/27/14

Before therapy, Noah was often clumsy. He would tilt his head while playing video games or reading, using one eye or the other. He often complained of headaches after reading for long periods of time. Although he was able to learn and retain information in school, he tired easily and would often throw fits due to sensory overload. After receiving therapy, Noah’s motor skills improved. He is now able to hit a baseball and catch a ball, tasks that were hard for him prior to therapy. He no longer tilts his head while reading or playing games, and does not complain with headaches. He is able to complete school tasks faster with less effort, and there has been a decrease in his frustration level. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Snider and her staff. They not only helped his visual skills, but loved him through the process.

Name: Molly
Age: 7
Date: 3/17/14

Molly has been much more confident and happy at school and home. She has shown significance improvement, especially in the last 3 months with her reading and comprehension. She is much more expressive and makes good eye contact when she is speaking. Her handwriting and spatial understanding of writing sentences has improved. Her hand/eye coordination seems better.

Name: Vivian
Age: 11
Date: 4/17/2014

I have seen many positive changes. Vivian’s self-confidence has improved a great deal. She played basketball on a team for the first time. One of the biggest things about this is that she asked to play on the team. In the past, any athletic endeavors were instigated by me.

School work and grades have not been a problem for Vivian. I do feel like the level of school work would have been a lot harder had she not been in vision therapy.

Overall Vivian’s coordination has improved. She seems surer of herself when she participates in all athletics.

Homework seemed easier this year. She took responsibility for completing it. I didn’t have to stay on top of her during homework time.

I cannot say enough great things about Mrs. Kim and all of the staff. Her attitude was always so positive and was a perfect fit for Vivian.

Name: Lily
Age: 9
Date: 4/25/14

The most significant change we have seen in Lily, and the change that we feel is the most important, is in her self-esteem and self-confidence. To witness our child go from avoiding reading and school work to jumping into it because she knows she can do it has been a wonderful experience. We’ve also witnessed a desire in her to participate in sports which was not the case before she started therapy. Lily is a member of the Red Hots softball team and is a fantastic athlete! Thank you Ashley and Dr. Snider!

Name: Carson
Age: 9
Date: 5/13/14

Major changes in Reading and Spelling. He has gone from the 1st grade reading level to the very beginning of 3rd grade. This was an amazing accomplishment. Before we began therapy he sounded out every single letter of every single word. Riding in the car is so much better, before therapy he vomited just about every trip. He can now watch movies and play his Ipad without nausea. Before therapy he wet the bed every single night. I was out of pull-up options. He has not wet the bed at all after the Sensory Therapy Sessions.

Name: Carly
Age: 12
Date: 5/14/14

We adopted Carly at age 8 from Kazakhstan. Although she was developmentally delayed, she quickly caught up to recommended milestones both physically and mentally. Her mother worked with her on a daily basis and she quickly learned her numbers, letters, and colors. She was able to tie her shoes at 2 years and possessed very significant mechanical skills for her age.

She went to Christian school for K4 through first grade and although she made all A’s and B’s, she was in the lowest reading group and performed well below grade level on standardized achievement tests. Her verbal skills were significantly beyond these other skills. We began homeschooling Carly in second grade curious as to why she didn’t perform up to grade level on tests. School went well but we soon learned that Carly had significant difficulty with reading and particularly with reading comprehension. Although we knew there was a problem, we had no clue as to the cause behind these issues. She would pull down words from the line above as she read, change small words in the line to a different word, and struggle with any longer words, often changing them to something she thought might fit the story.

We had her eyes checked at an optician’s office with no particular result. He put her in glasses but the problem persisted. We began to read to her subjects like history or science and her comprehension of the subject was pretty good. If she read on her own she had minimal comprehension of the subject matter. We read a lot of material on vision issues and began to suspect a tracking problem. Unfortunately, we were unable to perform any test that would give us a reliable diagnosis. With no real information on how to proceed to identify and resolve, we next tried a child developmental psychologist. She gave us the standard answer of “ADHD” and recommended medication. As her parents and teachers, we knew she was not attention deficit. Her behavior was exemplary and while she was very active she could focus on any activity that grasped her interest.

We had noticed one other weird issue: Carly ran into objects around the house frequently and was always stating, “This house is out to get me”. Ignoring the developmental psychologist, we again approached an optician. This gentleman was very thorough and performed an exam that was well beyond the norm. He said he was using skills he hadn’t tried since Optician school and soon told us Carly had an eye tracking problem and that her eyes had a significant “divergence”. Her eyes would not come together to focus on a word or item. He recommended we contact Snider Therapy Center for an examination.

Our first visit with Dr. Snider confirmed the suspicions of our optician. Carly needed vision therapy and sensory integration to improve her ability to integrate her mental, physical, and aural comprehension. We agreed to the therapy. Within weeks of completing the sensory integration, it seemed as if Carly’s world had changed. As a competitive ice skater, she all of a sudden achieved moves that she had struggled with for month. She improved one complete level in a month. She stopped running into household furniture on such a frequent basis. And as vision therapy progressed, her reading ability improved dramatically. Whereas in the fourth grade we read Carly science and history material, now Carly could independently read and study those materials. In fact Carly began to get A’s on those tests where before she had struggled with C’s.

Since completing Snider’s vision therapy, Carly is a dramatically improved student. She doesn’t complain about having to read her material. She reads independently with high levels of comprehension. She consistently gets A’s on her tests. All of her subjects have improved not just those focused entirely on reading. Even math comprehension is better. In addition, Carly has made dramatic improvement in skating and other physical activities. She won skating competitions at Dallas, TX and Troy, OH. Her coach has been amazed at her progress. All in all, Carly is a much happier girl since completing this therapy. Dr. Snider and the therapists at Snider Therapy Center performed miracles with Carly. Her performance is better in all aspects of her life. Most importantly, her potential is exponentially improved. Finding Snider Therapy Centers is the best thing that has happened to us since we adopted Carly. We are very grateful for this change in Carly’s life and consequently, in ours.

Name: Mathew
Age: 8
Date: 7/10/14

Matthew is an energetic boy who struggled his first year of first grade. We worked so many hours a night on homework that should’ve only taken 15 minutes tops. His reading skills were poor and he made C/D’s in class. Many people told us to have his eyes checked, and he had 20/20 vison. He got glasses and still continued to struggle. A great friend recommended Snider Therapy because her daughter has been a patient here for several years. After having Matthew tested we had so many answers. Matthew started vision therapy over the summer and had many therapy sessions during the school year. By the time the first report card came home, Mathew had straight A’s, his handwriting was excellent, he was making 100’s on all of his spelling test, and over all a happy little boy. At the end of first grade he was reading 3 words per minute. He repeated first grade and after the therapy by the end of his repeated year he was reading 78 words per minute. He is doing wonderful! I am so pleased with Snider Therapy for their work and helping my little boy become a better student.

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 40
Date: 7/21/14

Eye tracking/teaming dysfunction?? YEE-HAW!! I can remember what an encouragement it was to receive my original test results. It made so much sense! Plus, there was an option of therapy to help! We arranged for me to start phototherapy and vision therapy right away.

As a frustrated child in school, I struggled with dyslexic type characteristics.Reading, spelling and math were difficult for me, if I read out loud, I made mistakes. I was not able to comprehend what I read unless I read very slowly. Even as n adult, I dreaded reading out loud. As my own children began to read, they would correct my oversights. What was my problem? Had I just not learned how to read well as a child??

For years, I had frequent headaches and eye strain; however, since I started therapy those greatly decreased and do not exist now at all. My children noticed that I’m not using my glasses as much. I have also noticed an improvement in my spelling. Progressing in my reading was the most encouraging for me! During the first reading therapy exercise, my speed was only 85wpm. By the 21st session, I was reading over 400 wpm!! Recently, as I read a chapter in the book out loud and for the first time, I was now able to read at an intriguing clip, AND I understood what I read rather than having to pause and reread!! I have felt less frustrated and overwhelmed and more confident, relaxed, and capable.

I’m so thankful to God for leading us to theSniderVisionCenter. It has been such an encouragement and blessing to get to know and work with the staff and especially Lisa, my therapist. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Name: Benjamin
Date: 7/24/14

After coming to Snider, Ben began to improve in each of these areas. By the end of the school year, he was reading above grade level, copying from the board without redirection or needing extra time, math became one of his best subjects and his desire to work hard and share knowledge had impressed his teachers and family.

We are very grateful to Snider and those who assisted him! They helped to make this a wonderful experience for Ben.

Name: L.C.
Age: 18
Date: 8/11/14

When I started vision therapy, I had trouble concentrating on school work and would become anxious when I felt challenged. Sometimes it would take hours just to finish reading an assignment, and even then, I didn’t remember most of what I had read. Also math had been a very difficult subject for me because it was hard to build on previously learned concepts. After vision therapy, reading not only became easier but enjoyable. My ACT scores went up by 7 points, even in math! I feel less anxious in general and am actually looking forward to starting college this fall.

Name: Rylan
Age: 8
Date: 9/10/14

Rylan was always a bright, outgoing child who early on seemed to be progressing at a normal rate scholastically. Then we hit first grade. It was soon apparent that he was struggling to stay even close to grade level in reading. We both (mom & dad) worked with him extensively. We just didn’t understand how he could work that hard and still make little progress. Spelling tests were a nightmare! Still, we knew he was very intelligent from his conversations and other indicators. We approached Dr. Cochran about checking for a possible ADD issue. She referred us to Snider Therapy. We were skeptical but desperate. Rylan completed therapy in September, 2014. We have seen improvements in his reading skills, his hand-eye coordination, and most of all his confidence. The entire staff has been wonderful. Rita really cares and has gone above and beyond!

Name: Daniel
Age: 11
Date: 11/3/14

We have seen a big change in Daniel since beginning Vision Therapy. Daniel had been a very happy little fella but since beginning first grade he had really struggled with his studies. He seemed to be “allergic” to writing and reading but could listen to stories or other oral lessons all day. He also was very clumsy and miserable. After we begun his Vision Therapy he started changing. He now reads much better, handles writing better (although we still have much catching up to do in this year), and can run and play without tripping all the time. His attitude has greatly improved. He smiles and laughs a lot more.

Tears and meltdowns have greatly decreased. We love having our cheerful Daniel back.

We already knew that Vision Therapy would greatly help since V.T had greatly helped my husband recover from a brain concussion four years ago and had also helped our oldest son with his vision.

We are so thankful to God for Dr. Snider and all the therapists who have had a part in Daniel’s care.

Thank you for everything!

Name: Lily
Age: 13
Date: 11/13/14

Lily has experienced positive changes in several areas. The area she was most concerned with was her coordination (eye-hand). She always had great difficulty participating in sports with her peers, so she pretended to be disinterested. Now she is able to join in with volleyball and Frisbee, because she can actually “see” the approaching object. She is looking forward to joining the volleyball team in the spring. This had defiantly affected her confidence, another benefit of eye therapy. Academically, Lily has a longer attention span in class, has improved her tracking, her reading skills and has increased her reading comprehension levels. All of this has generally helped to make her schoolwork easier, and she completes it more quickly. We are extremely pleased with her progress and eye therapy results!