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2013 Vision Therapy Success Stories

Name: Maddox
Age: 9


Maddox was reading at a first grade level. After 8 weeks her speed and comprehension greatly improved. It also helped with math. She was struggling with her math facts. And then one day it just all clicked. No more struggling with homework.


I was reading slow and with therapy. Now I can read fast. It helped me with my math.

Name: Bella
Age: 6

I was referred to vision therapy when I was looking for a miracle. Bella had just started kindergarten and we were both at our wits end. I was at the point where I thought medication would be the only solution for her behavior, but I wasn’t at peace with that. My sweet friend Valerie took me out for coffee and told me what vision therapy did for her daughter and despite my skepticism, I was willing to try anything. There were times during the process where I felt like it was a losing battle, but then something clicked. My daughter started sleeping through the night for the first time in her life. Behavioral problems at school were the exception instead of the norm- and most importantly Bella started to love reading! I cannot express enough what a change vision therapy has made in our whole family’s lives- it was our miracle. Bella is a different child than she was a year ago. She is more confident, she is great at making friends, she is doing wonderful at school, and she sleeps through the night. Vision Therapy was the best choice I have made for Bella!

Name: Jack
Age: 8

Jack’s vision has improved since beginning therapy. Knowing that he could not see well was sad to us. His reading has improved since beginning this fall. His report card was great this past grading period!

Our older son was a patient as well. Knowing they have better vision is a relief to our family. Seeing his progress I am confident in Jack’s progress. They are both better prepared for school after completing therapy.

Name: Karen
Age: 50

I feel very blessed that the Lord has led me to Vision Therapy here at Snider Therapy. I’ve had chronic headaches, eye strain and dizziness. Recently, I noticed my eyes would randomly dart from side to side. Also, doing close work I would struggle with double vision. I felt that my visual memory was an issue. I also realized that I misplaced items at home and would have trouble finding them. This I learned was called figure ground. However, after the one on one training with my vision therapist coupled with the home therapy, I definitely feel improvement with my eye control. I enjoy reading, other close work, etc. once again. The double vision and random darting have drastically decreased. I feel that the exercises I’ve been given to do at home will help maintain the improvements. Rather than just feel my challenges were due to just getting older and would progressively worsen, I feel very hopeful and encouraged by the positive changes from Vision Therapy.

Name: Regan
Age: 11

Regan has become much happier and well-rounded since starting vision therapy. Her grades have improved from B’s and C’s to A’s and B’s. The biggest improvement has been her confidence. She is much more sure of herself and willing to read for herself than she was before. This has been an awesome experience and I greatly appreciate everyone at Snider Therapy for everything they have done for Regan. Thanks again!

Name: Chris
Age: 9

Prior to therapy Christian struggled to read. He couldn’t see the words clearly and often lost his place. His eyes burned and he got headaches. These symptoms took a toll on his comprehension. His reading requirements gave him terrible anxiety. Reading was not a pleasure, it was torture, and the demand was increasing. We were desperate to help him yet skeptical about the therapy. When therapy began Christian immediately enjoyed it. We quickly (within a couple of months) saw him reduce his stress and increase his comprehension, willingness to read, and endurance. He is now reading at an impressive level. We are so thankful for this process and for Cathy who greeted us with love and kindness every time. We are most grateful for this outcome. The entire office staff is wonderful and the therapy is powerful.

Name: Luke
Age: 8

Initially, his school reported to me, his dad, that they believe Luke has “Lazy Eye.” After testing and evaluation by Dr. Snider, we believed that he needed vision therapy. Since then, Luke’s reading skills have improved exponentially. He enjoys reading; he understands and remembers what he just read, at least some of the time. I can sense that he feels better about himself regarding confidence and self-esteem. There are two qualities I believe he has gotten out of this therapy that are priceless and invaluable.

Name: Nicholas
Age: 12

We became concerned about Nicholas’ eyesight because of his reluctance to read and difficulty reading aloud. Since therapy Nicholas often reads to himself voluntarily. He also reads more advanced material than he did before. His ability to read aloud is much improved. We deeply appreciate the dedicated staff at Snider Therapy.

Name: Corey
Age: 14

Wow! Where to start? When we came for the initial testing we were at a loss with homeschooling, and nothing seemed to help. Behavior, attitude, and emotional outburst were major problems daily. Testing showed low range of vision, ears working against each other, 2nd grade reading level, and low comprehension. Finally, we knew what was wrong! After 12 days of Sensory Therapy Corey had gained peripheral vision! He had never even known that he should be able to see like that! School work has become less of a chore, and his balance has improved. Now at the end of Vision Therapy, Corey is reading on a 7th grade level and has started to learn to drive. His behavior has improved, and outbursts have all but stopped. We cannot say enough about Dr. Snider and everyone at the Snider Clinic. We will actually miss seeing them every week.

Name: Gavin
Age: 8

Wow!! What a blessing this experience has been. In the beginning Gavin had problems with being tired while reading and working on homework. He had no confidence with any academics. He would cry and put his head down almost every night when it came to homework. He socialized great at home and in school but never verbalized a lot or inquiring a lot about his surroundings. After our first eye exam we learned of his convergence insufficiency. Then God placed Snider Therapy in our path!! This experience has been great. He has improved with his confidence, his independence, definitely his reading, his attention span is longer, and of course his eyes converge. The exercises have been fun and sometimes tiring but watching how his eyes have improved made it all worth while. Some of the exercises I have tried and not done as well, but when Gavin does them he makes is seem effortlessly. Cathy is Amazing!! She has taught us so much! All the therapist have great personalities and work great with Gavin. Being able to witness Gavin’s eyes improve with every eye exam has been amazing as well. We would highly recommend this to everyone who has any difficulty with their eyes, attention or focusing. His sports have improved with flag football and baseball—hand/eye coordination. He enjoys reading fun books and has matured so much. We look forward to watching him and his eyes continue to improve.

Name: Payton
Age: 8

We came to Dr. Snider because Payton was struggling with reading and major aggravation episodes. She seemed to get very upset about shoelaces tied wrong or tags touching her. (over Stimulated) If she was looking at me, she wasn’t listening. She was turning senses off. After going through SLP therapy and being made aware of the problem, she has pretty much stopped these out of control episodes. After learning about all the problems her eyes were having we started vision therapy. She could not converge well. She had problems tracking. She could not pay attention for long. Her eyes would tire easily. She started vision therapy and she loved it. Miss Josie made it fun and she looked forward to coming. Progress was made pretty quickly, after 7 months, Payton is reading and comprehending better, She can cross her eyes now. She pays attention for longer and her handwriting has improved. We are very pleased with how this has helped Payton!