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2012 Vision Therapy Success Stories

Name: Trevor
Age: 11

Our son began having daily headaches and hated to read at school and at home. After visiting the eye doctor, he referred us to Snider Therapy to have Trevor tested. It was discovered that he had a tracking problem and we were assured that vision therapy would help with this. We were somewhat skeptical but agreed to give it a try. We are so thankful we did! After months of hard work, Trevor’s vision and tracking have improved 100%. The staff has been wonderful and he always has a smile on his face when he leaves, and that means a lot.

Name: Neil
Age: 17

Since the start of vision therapy, I am much more aware of my surroundings. My vision is no longer narrowed and I can tell when I’m using both eyes. I noticed that the astigmatism in my left eye isn’t as bad as it was before and now focusing is a menial task. My reading speed has practically doubled and it’s also improved my comprehension, which has really helped with standardized tests. Even more I’ve made friends with everyone here and can’t thank them enough.

Name: Ella
Age: 9

We went to see Dr. Snider after hearing the success story from one of our friends who live very close to us. Ella was struggling in school and she had frequent meltdowns. She was extremely selective in the clothes that she wore to school every day and when she got home from school in the afternoon, she was exhausted. Her reading comprehension was almost nothing and she found it difficult to read, much less reach her reading goals at school. At the start of the third grade, Ella began having stomach aches and would often get out of the truck in the mornings crying.

The stomach aches, we thought, were anxiety related, and they were. However, it wasn’t until we missed 23 days of school that we found out Ella had a bad bacterial infection in her stomach and lower GI tract called H-Pylori. H-Pylori feeds off of acid produced by the stomach. The acid was a direct reflection of the problem her eyes and ears were causing.

After we completed the eye therapy, we noticed a huge improvement in her attitude, confidence and Ella’s anxiety was lessened considerably. She started reading more on her own and she has more confidence than she’s ever had. At the end of the day when she comes in from school, she wants to go and play. Before she would want to go to sleep from being tired.

Name: Hunter
Age: 11

Hunter has always done well in school and sports. Motor skills etc. this is why we were surprised to learn he had substantial issues with his vision. As a teacher, my wife saw signs of struggle and concern with school work, but again he was doing okay, and we chalked it up to being a boy and not wanting to read or sit still! Though he made all stars every year in baseball, we saw struggles with long distance tracking and started searching on line for sports vision help. We found Snider. During initial testing we saw how many issues he was dealing with. Over the last year of therapy we have seen these problems improve and generally go way. He is now reading about grade level and usually completes his homework at school. He is more relaxed and confident. His sports performance improvement is easy to recognize. This therapy has made a major improvement to all areas of his life. More than worth it!!! Thank you!

Name: Brooks
Age: 11

Everyone in Brooks’ life has noticed amazing improvements. Friends, family, doctors and even Brooks himself will speak highly of the improvements he has made.

His reading has gone from below grade level to above grade level. His reading comprehension has drastically improved. His handwriting and ability to get written work from his brain to the paper are so much better now. His frustration with school work has gone from a 10 to a 2.

As parents we are so thankful that our daily routines are so much easier…less meltdowns, improved ability to follow instructions, remembering to go to the bathroom, brush our teeth, the list goes on. I highly recommend Snider Therapy!

Name: Aiden
Age: 7

Aiden has improved so much since therapy began. His visual memory is amazing. He learned his ABC’s quicker and then on to reading. He enjoys reading, always wants to start another book. He is much more confident in school now. I am so glad I came to Snider first, I was so close to just going to pediatrician office, there I would have been just another parent that was prescribed medicine for their child for ADD/ADHD. Here they address the actual problem and correct it, which in Aiden’s case was vision related.

Name: Patrick
Age: 61

All my life reading has been difficult. I didn’t enjoy reading nor could I keep my place and interest. I didn’t enjoy sports. As a farmer I couldn’t make a straight row when starting to work a new field. There was always a curve in it. I didn’t enjoy hunting because I couldn’t hit anything.

When I heard about Vision Therapy, I thought this might help my problem. I was diagnosed with numerous problems. First I completed the phototherapy. Then I went through 32 sessions of vision therapy. Reading has become more comfortable and enjoyable. I can read while traveling and many things I couldn’t do before. The therapy has been worth the time and effort. The therapy staff were so very nice. My particular therapist, Elizabeth, took a very personal interest in my reading problem. It was very helpful. I would recommend this to anyone who has any of these problems.

Name: Carter
Age: 20

I can read a lot faster than I could before. I remember what I read better. I have had a wonderful experience with vision therapy! It has improved my confidence in school, and I feel that it has improved my ability to learn and to think on my feet. The therapists are all very nice and helpful. They make me feel like I am at home or that they are my friends. It is nice to work with people that truly want to help! I was skeptical at first but now, from my own experience, I know that vision therapy works. It will greatly benefit your life, but you have to put in the work!

Name: Perry
Age: 13

When therapy started Perry was reading on a 5th grade level. In less than a year, with the help of vision therapy he is now at an 8.5 grade level in reading. His reading speed and comprehension have also improved. His eyes react faster, and tire less easily.

Name: Garrett
Age: 7

The biggest changes are that he no longer gets car sick whenever we go somewhere. He also doesn’t get so angry and frustrated when he is given school work to complete. A year ago he would refuse to attempt reading always saying “I can’t do it”… now he reads beginner books without any problems. We have a long way to go but there is no way we would have been able to get to where we are now without therapy. I am grateful that this program was available to us and I truly believe is an answer to prayer. Thank you for all of your patience with Garrett and for providing him the tools he needs to be successful.

Name: Rivers
Age: 12

Rivers was a very sweet little boy growing up! He has always been shy and quiet. He had many ear infections and swollen tonsils until he had his tonsils taken out at the age of 7. He loved school in 1st and 2nd grades and his grades were good! The summer before he started 3rd grade he and his little brother, Parker, were supposed to take a water hose to our big shop. They were having a hard time pulling it, so they wrapped some of it around the handle bar of our 4-wheeler. When they took off, it tightened around the throttle and they couldn’t stop it! It went up the side of the shop and threw them off. We didn’t know till later, that Rivers had been knocked out! 3rd grade was a downward slide for Rivers. We struggled with homework and especially reading and comprehension. By 5th grade Rivers was not doing good at all in school. We started taking him to a skilled learning center in Tupelo, MS, but finally they told us he wasn’t dumb, so we quit that. By 7th grade his self-esteem was about zero, and we were about to despair! One day my mother-in-law called and wanted us to read an article in the Commercial Dispatch. We felt like Rivers had 75% of the symptoms. We went to a seminar in Columbus and I made an apt. in Birmingham.

We are finished with the intense phase and we are so pleased with Rivers progress. He has done everything that has been asked of him and he has loved going and working with Miss Vicki in Columbus! He’s becoming a very fine young man! The hours of homework and tears and frustrations because of it are gone now. He has missed so much of his school years that I think it will still be a struggle to get good grades, but he has seen his grades come up a bit! Thank you Snider Therapy, both in Birmingham and Columbus for the great job you have done with Rivers!

Name: Courtney
Age: 11

We began VT because Courtney was very frustrated each day with her school work. When she had the first test, her peripheral field was extremely small. After light therapy, it opened a little and over time it opened even more.

After a few months of VT, Courtney began to do her schoolwork easier and without being told. She went from disliking math to saying it was her favorite subject. She also began to read for pleasure.

But the most amazing thing we observed was this spring when she decided to play soccer. It had been over a year since she last played and at that time she was afraid of the ball. This spring she was one of the best players on the team. A local middle school coach observed one of her games and afterwards asked her dad which school she went to. He was hoping to recruit her to his team because he said, “She has talent!” Before VT this would have never happened!

Vision Therapy has given Courtney the skills and confidence to succeed in life! Thank you Snider Therapy Team!!

Name: Odessa
Age: 13

Odessa has improved in so many ways. She is now reading full chapters of her books within 30 minutes. Before therapy, it would have been impossible. A page a day was our goal.

Odessa has learned social cues and personal boundaries. Her impulsive nature is greatly improved. Her energy level is more at age level. She has made more friends near her age level. Prior to therapy, her peer group was 6-8 year old range.

This has been the best opportunity and blessing for her.

Name: Matt
Age: 11

First and foremost Matt’s vision has improved exponentially! He has a new found level of confidence within himself and his abilities. Through vision therapy he has an opportunity to strengthen and build his skills daily on an academic level, as well as, athletically and socially.

Dr. Snider and her staff (both in Birmingham, AL and Columbus, MS) have all been an answer to our prayers for Matt’s health and well-being. Thanks to their commitment to their “vision” of offering hope, awareness and education through proven methods of vision treatment, Matt’s quality of life has improved on many levels.

How grateful we are for this incredible opportunity to open us up to new ways of living, thinking and being!

Name: Hallie
Age: 14

Since Hallie has started in vision therapy, she has made amazing strides and improvements in so many areas! First, we were not aware of the extent of challenges Hallie was experiencing. After the initial complete exam and evaluation, and after therapy began, we noticed amazing improvements in areas we didn’t realize could improve. Hallie’s confidence, reading ability, concentration, and ability to focus have improved and her eye strengths and movements have improved greatly. Thank you!

Name: Russell
Age: 8

Russell was having difficulty in class finishing work on time, and did not like to read. After starting Vision Therapy and completing several sessions he began to read more and the completion of classwork was easier. Now that he has completed the first phase, he freely volunteers to read and has minimal difficulty if any at classwork. The therapist and staff have been very encouraging and we have seen such great improvements with our son.

Name: Logan
Age: 8

We first went to see Dr. Snider because Logan was struggling with reading and having trouble paying attention in class. After the evaluation, Logan started with light therapy to open up his vision, but it unexpectedly “cured” his speech problem. He had been taking speech therapy at school, and his speech therapist had not been successful in helping him say his “r” sound correctly. Then, out of the blue, he began saying it correctly. The therapist actually said that she almost fell out of her chair because his change was so dramatic! After light therapy, we then had six months of vision therapy. Before therapy, Logan was never able to meet his reading goals at school, but now he has no problem meeting his goal and has already moved up a level! His reading comprehension has drastically improved, his handwriting is neater and he pays better attention in class. Before vision therapy, homework took at least an hour to complete, and it was always a fight. Now he can finish his homework in about ten minutes and never complains about it. Now Logan says school is easy! Logan has less emotional outbursts, is improving in sports and is more happy and relaxed. Vision therapy has definitely been worth the time and money.