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2011 Vision Therapy Success Stories

Name: Angelina
Age: 8

We always knew something was different in the way Angelina learned. Reading and spelling were very difficult. Memorization was a terrible struggle. We had asked every teacher from 4 K-2nd grades for help figuring out how to help her. In 2nd grade she started having stomachaches every day before school and cried often in class. Her teacher suggested we get her eyes checked. Dr. Mercer immediately noticed a problem and sent us to Snider Therapy. All through her therapy we have seen steady improvements. Her anxiety went away, she began enjoying school again. She began to enjoy reading and often reads on her own. She is much more confident. Her teacher from last year tutors her in reading and has been amazed at her progress. We have recommended Snider to several families and we’ll continue to do so. Thank you, Snider!

Name: Jonah
Age: 12

Some of the first changes we saw were a huge decrease in headaches and increase in physical co-ordination. It became much easier for him to read, his sports performance markedly improved and he became less accident prone. He is gradually gaining self-confidence as he’s improving in his schoolwork. I look forward to what the completion of his therapy will bring.

Name: Nathan
Age: 9

Nathan started having problems in first grade with reading, writing, copying, spelling and attention. We came to Snider Therapy and completed the Sensory Learning program and then began vision therapy. We have seen massive improvements in Nathan’s overall abilities. Home therapy was difficult at times but very beneficial in the end. Nathan is making all A’s at school and is FINALLY reading with ease and confidence! He is able to do homework without much assistance and is able to easily organize the information he is reading. He is no longer overwhelmed by papers with a lot of text on a page. He has become happy and far more confident than we have ever seen him. Snider Therapy has been a tremendous success and we are very thankful for this opportunity! The success is totally worth all the time and hard work! Thank you Snider staff for helping us!!!

Name: Lindsey
Age: 7

  • Copying from the board is no longer an issue.
  • Ability to sit and stay seated in chair is better.
  • Handwriting has improved
  • Confidence in her own ability is better
  • Tries to play games that she would not before
  • Homework time is much better! No more crying when it is time to do homework or complaining about tummy aches. In past, she had to continually be redirected during homework. Now, we can go to the library (where there are lots of distractions) and she can complete homework independently in 10-15 minutes that used to take 45 minutes.
  • Attitude, happiness and quality of life significantly improved!

Name: Brandie
Age: 34

Vision Therapy has been a life saver! For years I had trouble with convergence insufficiency. An eye doctor put me in prism glasses. These glasses would help with reading for a couple of hours, but then I would get terrible headaches. Last year I even started seeing flashing shapes. These episodes prompted me to see another eye doctor. She referred me to V.T. Dr. Snider, Ms. Josie and Ms. Cathy have been a great help. Since completing therapy, I have not had any migraines! I have been able to make my eye turn correctly. I have been able to read for long periods of time without any eye strain or eye aching. I also experienced severe dizziness. This has also gotten so much better. I could not thank Dr. Snider and the vision therapists enough!

Name: Wes

I have seen Wes become a happier person. He is able to complete his work with a smile. He has always struggled when he needed to stay on task and complete a project (unless it involved sports). I believe working through this vision problem will help him greatly in the future. I’m thankful that this was caught and he has had such a very positive experience. I’m excited to see how Wes will excel and this has given him the confidence to do that. Thank you for all the hard work that has gone into his success!


Since the beginning of therapy, there have been many slow, gradual changes. It’s not until now, that I’ve completed my in-office sessions and can look back over the last months that I can observe the changes therapy has given me. My reading speed has not only increased, but my comprehension as well. My ability to track objects has also increased greatly. As an athlete, a therapy program that works directly with this is invaluable. My ability to not only start tasks, but to stay focused and finish them is at an all time high.

I am extremely grateful for these things. I’m aware that all these skills would have been near impossible to obtain without the guidance of everyone involved at Snider Therapy. For this, I am thankful.

Name: Kennedy
Age: 9

Kennedy has improved greatly in the area of attention span, focusing and listening. She has always been a sweet natured, pleasant child, but I often found myself frustrated with her because as my oldest, she followed directions the least. I could not understand why, it wasn’t in her nature to be defiant! Snider clinic opened our eyes to what was going on with our little girl! We finally were able to make sense of all those little quirks that caused us so much frustration. We had just pulled her out of 2nd grade (10 weeks into the school year) when we came to Snider. She completed the Sensory Learning program and then followed with six months of vision therapy. While I can’t give an account for an accurate comparison to the situation she was in at school because she is now homeschooled, I can see definite improvements in reading, reading comprehension, math, handwriting, and staying on task! Snider was a true answer to our prayers!!!

Name: Caleb
Age: 11

Caleb struggled with reading for several years. He could read by about age 8 but still lacked fluency that he needed to be able to read with ease. Often truing to get him to read was a battle.

A few months after starting vision therapy he began to love to read, and school became much easier for him. His spelling also has improved significantly.

Name: Hannah
Age: 18

Before coming to vision therapy I had a really really hard time in school. I would spend hours upon hours studying with my mom. When I would read, the words on the paper would begin to glow. About half way through my sessions the words stopped glowing. Also, if I was going to read a book by the time I got to the end of the page I had no clue what I had just read. The reason was because I was working so hard on trying to get my eyes to work together that I wasn’t paying attention to what I was reading. With therapy my grades went from C’s, D’s and F/s to now I have straight A’s and B’s. I no longer have to study for hours and hours. I study 30 minutes to an hour and know the material like the back of my hand. I was introduced to vision therapy by a family friend my junior year of high school. At that point I really thought I wasn’t going to make it through high school much less college. Now knowing that I can do it I have no doubt in my mind that I am 100% capable. Thank you Snider Therapy for everything you have done for me and my future. You really have blessed me in so many ways!

Name: Zachary
Age: 11

First I’d of course like to thank Miss Lisa, for being such a good therapist, she was fun to work with and everything she did for me has helped.

I also would love to thank Vision Therapy Centers, for their hard work.

As far back in my life as I can remember the first things I saw, (when I was less than three years) instead of seeing one, I saw two and that was because I was seeing double, if I didn’t see double, I then saw blurry. Fixing up the problem by myself I tilted my head up as if to look at the sky but, to the contrary found that looking forward in this procedure would let me see clear and single.

When I was two, I had to get glasses. This didn’t turn out so well when I discovered the life of wearing glasses and being picked on.

Last year we went to Vision Therapy Centers. When we got home they had given us this light thing that had green and red lights. They would make my eyes stay straight, and the wanted result of opening my field of vision was successful. My eyes were so used to seeing in a cone-ish way now my field of vision is like a big wide box of wide long and high field of vision! And so I recommend 100% vision therapy!

The active session of VT helped with my eyes not crossing when I take out my contacts and not wear glasses. The brock string helped the most.

Today I feel like I can almost see perfect!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH VISION THERAPY CENTERS!!

Name: Taylor
Age: 8

Where to begin…I sought out an explanation for about 2 years why my extremely intelligent child was having difficulty reading. We were given Dr. Snider’s name and I immediately called and got an appointment. AfterTaylorhad the testing done and Dr. Snider sat us down I was shocked!Taylorwas really struggling and the vision and hearing could be corrected. I was heart broken that my child had so much going on.

Taylorloved coming to see Mrs. Cathy and really enjoyed his sessions. We first noticed the improvements in baseball. He was making contact with the ball and it wasn’t late contact!

Taylor’s teacher verbalized howTaylorwas raising his hand to read during class and joining in on class activities!Taylorwas never a discipline problem prior to getting therapy, just very laid back and quiet. I am very proud to say that he got the “Citizenship” Award at the end of school.

His reading level went from 1.1 level to 3.8 level in just 3 months! He now understands what he reads and reads with much less frustration.

Vision Therapy has been such a God given gift to Taylor and our family. Thank you all at Snider Therapy!

Name: Sims
Age: 9

At the beginning of 3rd grade one of Sims’ classmates had just started vision therapy. Sims was an excellent student, but we struggled with homework every night. I knew something was wrong but was not sure of the issues. I asked the other mom lots of questions and I knew Sims needed vision therapy! I never knew that she was sometimes seeing double and her letters were moving around. Since vision therapy, she has met her age goal and loves to read! Also doing homework is less of a struggle. Her behavior towards her younger siblings has greatly improved. She is a happier, more energetic 9 year old little girl thanks to vision therapy!

Name: Joy
Age: 37

I am so thankful for vision therapy! Since I began my pain is gone. I feel new again – no more headaches or neck aches, I stand up straight and I even sleep well at night. Now I feel and look younger and enjoy life again! I am able to walk for exercise and run where before I would trip over my own feet. Life is good.

I feel hopeful everyday, smile more, and laugh frequently and abundantly!! I rarely get frustrated, common tasks are no longer a major effort, I adapt to difficult situations better and my problem solving capabilities are restored. I am able to do more tasks at once as well as work through harder tasks which have been difficult these past nine years since my accident. No longer am I sensitive to lights or smells or certain foods that used to bother me before. I actually feel at ease with life and feel like myself again. there is hope for you – believe!

Name: Hunter
Age: 15

When Hunter first started he hated school, was almost failing, and was very frustrated. I have seen a slow change in him for the last 7 months. His reading level has jumped from 4.8 to 10.7. He is more confident in himself, better baseball player, and scored very well on his practice MCT2. I have been very pleased in his overall self. He has changed as a person, and is much more mature. I wish I had heard about this way sooner. We could have fixed this and helped him much sooner. Thank you for all of your help and support. It has been a pleasure getting to know each and everyone of you.

Name: Josie
Age: 20

During my time atHoustonHigh SchoolandItawambaCommunity CollegeI was always a nervous wreck. My anxiety always got the best of me and it controlled most of my life. In November of 2010 Dr. Snider and Mr. Snider both found underlying causes that resulted in me being restless. I would try at times to get involved with others my age but was always fearful. My grades at school were not always that great but I managed through somehow each year. Math and English courses were the hardest for me and I never could get the grades that I had hoped for. During the middle of my last semester at Itawamba my homework was easier to accomplish and my grades improved. I’m no longer frightened to death of everything as I once was and now I’ve become at better worker at my job. Since my therapy I’ve had a raise at work whish is a blessing so I can pay for my schooling. I’m so excited about attendingMississippiStateUniversitynow because I have the confidence I need. Snider Therapy has been a blessing to me and my family and I thank God everyday for leading them in the work that they do!

Name: Tommie
Age: 45

Before I started vision therapy, I would get migraine headaches a lot, usually two to three a week. Since I have started vision therapy, I have not had any migraine headaches. I have had headache, but overall no migraines and my headaches are better.

I used to sleep throughout the whole morning and afternoon before therapy. Now I am up between7 to 9 am. I used to wake up exhausted, but that has improved.

I did read a book in about 4-5 days which I have never done that before!

I was amazed at how my eyes worked together at therapy and how I could feel it. Once I started therapy I could not walk a straight line on the tape on the floor. Actually, I could not stay on the tape. Now I can walk better on the tape. What I really thought that was weird throughout the whole therapy was when I was doing light therapy at home: I would have a headache and Angie would text me back and tell me to do my light therapy. After I did the light therapy the headache did go away. I had to do this more than once, but I thought it was weird. I would like to thank all of the staff at this office. They were all very polite, helpful, knowledgeable, and overall treated me like I was part of a big family. They were a blessing to know.

Name: Lindsey
Age: 16

Lindsey had always struggled to read. When she was about 11, I finally realized there was something keeping her from learning to read. Before that time I thought she couldn’t read because she wasn’t trying to learn. She spent the next three years doing therapy with the NILD (Nation Institute for Leaning Disabilities) program. At the end of the three years, she was still reading well below her grade level.

Since beginning vision therapy, Lindsey has become more self confident and able to laugh at her mistakes. She‘s not afraid to read in public or play games with her peers that require reading.

While I believe NILD helped Lindsey in some areas, it was unable to fix the weak muscles in her left eye. I’m thankful for all here at Snider Therapy that have helped Lindsey.