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2010 Vision Therapy Success Stories

Name: Keaton
Age: 12

We began home schooling Keaton in fourth grade due to a drastic decline in her performance. She benchmarked all testing until third grade. Midway of third grade Keaton had three F’s and failed her vision exam. The school had no answer except to put her in special education. We made the decision to home school. The next two years were just as frustrating. Keaton always has had an excellent memory, but she couldn’t read or finish a math assignment.

Our daughter-in-law heard about Dr. Snider from a co-worker. We came for the initial testing and discovered that Keaton had major visual tracking problems. It took a few months before we noticed any big change. The first change came in her ability to understand and correctly complete her math assignment in a more timely manner. After our second visual check with Dr. Snider bifocals were prescribed for Keaton and immediately her reading improved. It has really been uphill from there. It has taken a lot of dedication to “stick with” our therapy routine, but it made a world of difference. It has been well worth the time and financial commitment. Our child is happier and we all can now see the great potential that’s been there all along.

Thanks Dr. Snider and Mrs. Josie! God has used you in an amazing way! Our family is so very grateful!

Name: Liam
Age: 8
Grade: 3rd

Liam entered this office because his teachers said that he was not focusing during class and was not following instructions. It was suggested that he be treated for Attention Deficit. Upon referral from Dr. Ami Epstein, an optometrist, I brought Liam in for testing. I did not expect much because his eye exam showed 20/20 vision. However, testing here showed that Liam had blurred vision and a decrease in peripheral vision. After light therapy and vision therapy, Liam is now able to do homework in 10-15 minutes instead of an hour. His grades have improved and he is able to follow instructions much better. His teachers email me only good reports. I feel that it is very important for a parent to investigate options before putting a child on ADD meds. I was fortunate that I had a friend who recommended us for vision therapy so that we were able to find a solution to Liam’s focusing issues and that Liam can reach his full learning potential.

Name: Nora
Age: 10
Grade: 5th

Nora’s visual memory has improved greatly. She doesn’t have to see a word as many times to remember it when reading. Her spelling is improving. She doesn’t have meltdowns while reading anymore. She used to breakdown in tears and complain of headaches while reading. She would also get slower as she read. Now she continues reading at the same speed and without headaches. She used to get carsick if she tried to read while riding in a car. Now she can read in a car as long as it’s not a curvy road. She chooses to read for pleasure now. She never did that before Vision Therapy. She has more self-confidence and more enthusiasm about school. Vision Therapy has been worth the drive each week of an hour and 40 minutes, one way. Ms. Cathy has been wonderful with Nora. We are so thankful to God that we have been able to come to Snider Therapy. Dr. Snider, Mr. Snider, and the whole staff are very knowledgeable and take time to answer all of our question. Thank You all so much!

Name: Nathan
Age: 12
Grade: 7th

We have seen an overwhelming number of changes in Nathan. We have seen his severe meltdowns, night terrors, constant frustration and irritability totally cease! His schoolwork has greatly improved as well. His handwriting is now neater and readable. He reads better and faster without getting frustrated or getting a headache. Math is still an obstacle, but we are able to get the work done in reasonable time. He still doesn’t like schoolwork, but he is much happier while learning and getting his work done. I wish I would’ve know about Vision Therapy years ago instead of going through years of frustration, doctors trying to medicate my son, and not understanding WHY my son was acting the way he was! I’m just thankful that God answers prayers!!

Thank You Dr. Snider and Mrs. Susan!!

Name: Cory
Age: 15
Grade: 10th

Before therapy, Cory was more withdrawn, less outgoing, more immature, and a very slow reader. Many things that our family participated in, Cory did not want to be a part of. He could not complete more than one direction or task at a time. Since completion of therapy, he reads ALL of the time for long periods of time, and he tells me that he can read faster and understands more of the material. Thank you LORD!

He acts much more confident now, interacts with family and friends more, and less immature. This July 4, we were visiting family in Georgia and we started a volleyball game. Before I knew it, Cory had jumped in playing and was having a blast! I could not believe it. He had not done that in a really long time. He is getting better at completing chores, also. We thank God so much for showing us this path for Cory.

Name: Brandi
Age: 12
Grade: 7th

The changes we have seen in Brandi have been things none of us realized was a problem before vision therapy. She has greatly improved in reading skills, which we did know was an issue. Other changes have been the ability to look us in the eyes without her eyes constantly moving, she is less frustrated with school, more organized, and more coordinated. She is more socially accepted in her peer group. Brandi told us of two exciting things that happened while she was receiving vision therapy.

  1. She was able to copy all of the Science notes off the board in one class session.
  2. She saw a ball coming toward her head at P.E. “Mom I had never seen one coming before.”

Vision therapy has been a great blessing!

Highly Recommend

If you have any concerns, get your child examined. It changes lives!

Name: Michael
Age: 15
Grade: 10th

Michael struggled with reading, reading comprehension, spelling, and handwriting since he was eight years old. We worked many hours at home, hired tutors, and worked with his teachers. Michael could read, and he listened well in class. Therefore, he made good grades. In the seventh grade, he was tested for a reading disability. The school worked with him, but the real problem was not addressed until we came to Vision Therapy. Michael’s eyes were not working together and this caused stress on his ability to learn properly. With vision therapy, Michael increased his reading and reading comprehension level from sixth grade to a twelfth grade level. His visual memory increased to above the 50th percentile. Michael’s ability to complete homework with ease and independently has increased. Michael’s overall performance changes has included not only academic work, but positive changes in self-confidence, more mature behavior, better in sports, and a greater sense of well-being.

Vision therapy has made a significant difference for Michael. I wish we had engaged in visual therapy sooner.

Name: Austin
Age: 9

Austin is my second child to homeschool. Spending one on one time with him everyday I could tell something wasn’t right as he would still reverse letters and lose his place reading after every other word even in 3rd grade. Schoolwork took all day and was painfully frustrating for both of us.

After discovering Snider Therapy Center, we began seeing changes almost immediately. Austin is now a pleasure to read with and he actually wants to read. His comprehension has improved along with reading speed. He can copy his spelling words in half the time it took six months ago. We are so blessed to have discovered the Snider center.

Name: Parker
Age: 13

It is amazing the changes we have seen in every aspect of Parker’s life. We originally began the program to benefit his academics, but he has progressed so much more than just grades. His grades have definitely improved from average A’s and B’s with an occasional C to all A’s with only an occasional B.

The part that we have been so surprised with is his growth in maturity and responsibility. With every step he has responded with an excellent attitude that transpired into excellent results. I think that for 12 years he had to work so hard for his school success that the results he felt and saw from therapy were so easy to achieve it inwardly motivated him to continue. As a result, he is now making excellent grades, playing great golf and participating as a very responsible member of our family. We are all so thankful to everyone for making this such a pleasant experience with an awesome outcome. As an entire family we thank you for affecting our lives so positively.

Name: Chambers
Age: 10

Before coming to vision therapy, Chambers was a slow reader. He lacked confidence when he read. He had a tendency to skip words and would not try to sound out the words if he did not understand them. He not only reads faster, but his comprehension has improved. We have also noticed that his handwriting is more legible. Chambers is a little more relaxed when it comes to completing homework that is hard for him. He used to get so frustrated when he could not figure out things on his own.

We have also noticed that his coordination has improved especially while playing sports. He appears to be less clumsy and awkward. We have seen his confidence level greatly improve over these last several months.