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2018 SLP Progress Reports

Name: Audrey
Age: 14
Date: 1/5/18

  • My left eye sees things clearer and less fuzzy
  • My left eye drifts less
  • I can focus on individual instruments when listening to music.

Name: Erin
Age: 7
Date: 1/30/18

Before we started Sensory, Erin was having trouble focusing and listening. She wasn’t sleeping good. She would get frustrated with not only school work, such as reading and spelling, but simple everyday tasks at home.


  • She has started reading L to R.
  • She is sleeping all night long.
  • She rode her bike (without (training wheels) getting frustrated)
  • On her first week back to school, her teacher could see a difference in her demeanor.
  • She seems more confident in herself.

We feel like we have our child back and we are so proud of her. We are more than excited to see where the next phase of her therapy takes her.

Name: Leigh Ellen
Age: 39
Date: 2/22/18

2017 was a tough year. I experienced quite a bit of depression, anxiety and OCD-like behaviors. After Sensory Learning , calm and peace returned well, actually, I felt peace and joy by the 3rd day of Sensory Learning. I am able to handle day-to-day tasks without feeling so stressed and anxious and am able to smile and enjoy my children and pregnancy. I absolutely recommend Sensory Learning!

Name: Sam
Age: 7
Date: 3/7/18

Sam has definitely gained more stamina since beginning sensory therapy. He used to fall asleep every day at school at the end of the day, and now he doesn’t do that at all. He isn’t tired until bedtime! He has also gained confidence in reading and is showing more of a desire to read, instead of showing resistance or putting up a fight about it. He has improved in his memory and tracking as well.

Name: Brynn
Age: 18
Date: 5/7/18

I can pay attention easier at school, and don’t zone out. It’s easier to focus on tasks and not get distracted. Also, I can finally comprehend what I’m reading. I also noticed better navigation skills/sense of direction.

Name: Mackenzie
Age: 8
Date: 2/6/18

She has been more calm and focused lately. I also noticed she has started to try to read without being prompted by me first. It seems like she can already see things better than before we started.

Name: Brooks
Age: 5
Date: 3/3/18

Brooks is able to describe stuff more. Brook’s fits don’t last as long. He is able to go into stores which was not easy for him before therapy. Brooks is talking more and carrying on conversations.

Name: Ella Reese
Age: 7
Date: 4/4/18

Elle Reese has started to sleep much better at night. She sleeps through the night whereas before she woke up several times at night. She is a lot less anxious and more willing to try new activities. She seems a lot more relaxed and happier in general.

Name: Brody
Age: 10
Date: 4/5/18

His vision seems better when pointing to letters on RPM board. Writing his name has improved and he has met two fine motor goals in OT.

Name: Fallon
Age: 8
Date: 5/31/18

She has gotten better with spelling her math as got quicker as far as numbers she has gotten better at listening and doing as told a lot better.

She is more willing to “try” new things (confidence). But is expressing discouragement( I see as depression) – especially since school ended. She actually said she didn’t want to do therapy again. “it is too far away and doesn’t matter anyway”. She mostly enjoyed light therapy the times she did it with me. I was able to interest her in radio theatre. Toward the end she did tire of it. But rather than have a fit, she’d go ahead with it. It was a great practice.

Name: Addison
Age: 10
Date: 5/31/18

Since starting/finishing the Sensory Learning Program, Addison has made great progress. Her communication skills have improved, her aggression has lessened and she seems less tired. Her teachers have reported a huge improvement in her participation and readiness to learn. They stated, “A huge change in her behavior”. They have also remarked on a huge change in her social skills, saying they have improved as well. Although she has had some notable improvement, her academics continue to be a struggle. We are looking forward to seeing what VT will bring for her!