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2017 SLP Progress Reports

Name: Morgan
Age: 9
Date: 1/16/17

Overall, Morgan’s disposition has improved so much! He was always moody, would cry and fuss anytime we asked him to do anything! He had to have one-on-one isolated help and environment for his homework. Morgan was afraid of everything…the dark, being by himself, he would not even walk to the laundry basket or trash can alone even though we could see him the entire time. He ate constantly! He would wake up multiple times at night and sit in front of the T.V.

Since therapy, Morgan has completed his homework by himself with no prompting from us. He noticed the cameras on the school bus for the first time. He now gets dressed in the morning with no fussing and joyfully finds ways to help out around the house. He sleeps better. If he wakes up, he goes back to sleep. He is wearing jeans more. Before therapy, he only wanted sweat pants. He still has moments where he will pout about having to leave something fun to get dressed or do chores, but he gets over it quickly and usually apologizes. We have not had to accompany him around the house since therapy

Name: Haley
Age: 16
Date: 1/17/17

Not many changes yet. I have noticed that she has been more aware of things while we are riding in the car.

Meltdowns don’t seem to be as severe or last as long.

No other changes at this time.

Name: Aaden
Age: 8
Date: 2/17/17

  • Aaden has been a little more willing to try new foods than he was before SLP.
  • He is paying attention a little better in class, however, his teacher continues to have some difficulty with “zoning out” at times.
  • His reactions to disappointment/frustration are still very exaggerated.
  • His vocabulary and ability to express himself have improved.
  • He has been more emotional at home and in school. He seems to get upset fairly easily, and reports to us severe feeling of frustration (especially at school).
  • He continues to plug his ears, especially when overstimulated.
  • He has been able to move up to a new reading level in school.

Name: Wyatt
Age: 7
Date: 2/20/17

Wyatt has very good days occasionally. He seems very calm and focused on those days and willing to do school work without a fight. He is trying hard with his reading and sight words. It may not have anything to do with his therapy but he is tying his shoes!

Wyatt’s teacher says that she has noticed a little improvement and agrees that some days are better than others. He tends to zone out and not participate in the group setting.

Name: Hayes
Age: 14
Date: 2/27/17

Hayes’ grades have improved greatly from his last nine weeks.

He has still had mood issues. Amazingly, he has handled some situations extremely well… much better than before. On the other hand, he has had extremes the other way too. He knocked two holes in the sheet rock two days after we got home from Birmingham in January!

The light therapy at home was difficult to say the least! He was not very cooperative!

Some of this may just have been because he is 14. He has been more disrespectful to me and his father. I don’t know if this is because of the changes going o and we are the easiest ones to take it out on.

However, we are all still very hopeful that good thing are coming.

Name: Noah
Age: 8
Date: 3/7/17

Noah’s attention span seems to be longer. He still has some scattered days but they are fewer. He’s able to complete his schoolwork in record time most days. He has been able to calm himself more quickly with less meltdowns. He is noticing the hyper-ness of his peers as his level is tapering off. He is still a bit too impulsive and his eating has become sparse (more sensitive to flavors and textures). I’m hopeful the next phase of therapy will improve these areas.

Name: Hayden
Age: 6
Date: 3/23/17

Hayden has always struggled with communication, eye contact with people, and since school, reading. He was always walking with his head down and seemed to be in his own world. Hayden has never liked being in any social setting. Since starting kindergarten, his frustration has been getting the best of him, hindering his progress in school. Since finishing Sensory and light therapy, Hayden now walks with pep in his step, communicates with people making plenty of eye contact, and he is now reading books without any struggle or frustration and meltdown. The most significant changes in Hayden are his overall happiness and his communication. Homework went from being an hour long struggle resulting in tears to an eagerness to show me what he can do.

Name: Sunni
Age: 16
Date: 4/26/17

  • A positive change in attitude
  • Seems to have more confidence in herself.
  • Seems to think more
  • In the first few days during the 12 day therapy, as we were driving down the road she was reading the side of a commercial van, and she said, “You know Mom, I think I can read faster!” and later (days) said, “I can read faster, it’s like I have finished reading and my brain has to ‘catch up!’”
  • The last day of the 12 day therapy, driving home she said something very witty… then says, “You know I am pretty smart!” I said, “Yes, you are, we knew that already….” She replied, “Well, I kinda thought I was but sometimes I just didn’t feel very smart, but now, I think I’m pretty smart!”
  • She took SATs 2 weeks after completing 18 days at home. There was significant improvement in several areas and improvements overall from last year.
  • She is talking and thinking more of post high school education.
  • Still not “there” yet, but at least on a FORWARD road!

Name: Jacob
Age: 6
Date: 5/23/17

Jacob has become more energetic. He seems to want to be more involved in everything. His vocabulary has expanded and he has become more of a chatter box. There have been improvements academically. He finds it easier to do school work as well as homework. He doesn’t become as frustrated and is able to complete these tasks faster. Towards the middle of the school year following a parent/teacher conference we thought Jacob would be repeating Kindergarten. Since starting Sensory Learning Jacob will now be moving to the first grade along with his fellow class mates .Jacob used to not participate when his clad did performances. They recently had a program and Jacob completed it along with his class. He was not upset about the attention when before he would only stand and try not to cry. Jacob has become very inquisitive. He is full of questions from every day things to everything in between.

Name: Clay
Age: 6
Date: 6/1/17

The main improvement that we’ve seen is with his speech and conversations with others. Clay is able to speak more clearly and express his thoughts better.

We have begun to work on sight words the past two weeks and he has done an outstanding job learning them.