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2016 SLP Progress Reports

Name: Daniel
Age: 5
Date: 3/2/2016

Thank God for this program! Improvements seen:

  • Increased awareness of environment
  • Increased communication with more complex sentence structure
  • Increased connectivity with others
  • Increased desire to read- especially street signs, etc.
  • Increased desire to write and draw- will color for an hour if allowed to do so.

God is awesome! Thank you, Sniders, for being an instrument of His grace & mercy!

Thank you, Erica, for being so patient with us!

Name: Elijah
Age: 4
Date: 3/9/2016

The most significant changes we’ve seen since the sensory program have been speech and potty training. Before the program, Elijah was struggling to speak in sentences, and he was not improving with speech therapy. During a session he surprised me by saying, “I like the light.” Sentences/conversation started flowing since then and continued to improve. He was not fully potty trained and we were losing hope that it would happen anytime soon. After the program, his potty fears seemed to disappear one day and he’s been potty trained ever since! We also saw improvements in sleep and fine motor skills during the program. We were pleasantly surprised by the results from the sensory program. We are so thankful for it! We have tried many things to overcome Elijah’s developmental delays and the sensory learning program is definitely at the top of our list for being most successful!!!

Name: Jackson
Age: 5
Date: 3/21/2016

Jackson has been overall happier and more “even-keeled”. Jackson can tolerate different textures of shirts, pants, and socks. This is a big difference since the sensory learning program. Jackson is our child that has always had a hard time with change, but he has been more flexible in schedules, etc. He seems happier in general and with his friends. I feel like he interacts more and smiles more. He has a sparkle back in his eyes! We definitely still have our moments, especially with our siblings, but they seem “normal” and not just because he is angry/frustrated. Jackson seems more content in general. He still complains of his eyes “tearing out” but it is less frequent. He sometimes still double blinks, but not as often.

Name: Alex
Age: 7
Date: 4/4/2016

We have seen a huge improvement in Alex’s reading, spelling, and comprehension. He seems to be more settled and has had fewer melt downs since starting therapy. He has become more active and has started enjoying playing sports more.

Name: Kylie
Age: 14
Date: 4/20/2016

Kylie’s grades have improved in several subjects and she doesn’t have many melt downs anymore. Her sleeping habits are much better. She is asleep between 9:00 -10:00 instead of between 11:00-12:00. Her communications skills seem to be better also. She talks on the phone in front of people instead of going to another room or going outside to talk. When things don’t go exactly the way she expects them to go she doesn’t have a complete melt down. She seems to go with the flow better.

Name: Jane
Age 7
Date: 6/14/2016

She is reading signs that she never saw before. She is reading names and books. She is happier now.

Name: Zooey
Age: 5
Date: 6/6/2016

Just now: per Zooey, “I can see smaller things. I’m braver.”

More willing to try foods. Likes yogurt now.

*Biggest change is that she isn’t constantly getting hurt-running into things because of reduced fields. She is still amazed by how much she can see now.

Can hit balloon in air and not fall all over anything o floor/furniture even though eyes are turned up.

Less often reverses name when writing.

Took a shower! Less resistant to washing hair

Remembers routines – wash hands after____. More often puts clothes away instead of leaving on floor.

Will even do chores with no reminder

More attentive and sensitive to her sister’s feelings.

Rode attentive and sensitive to her sister’s feelings.

Rode a scooter! At a friend’s house, rode a zip line ( in a child safe seat) –when I asked if she thought she would have tried this pre-therapy, she laughed! Said “No, I would have just said ‘No thank you’.”

One time when I asked if she notice anything different she said, “You’re really proud of me now all the time. I’m just not really used to that.” It stung and I did my best to explain I’ve always been proud that she is my daughter, but it is true that she is doing so many new things that I like and am proud of. While I prayed for what to say next she said, “It’s okay. I know It was hard for you when I disobeyed all the time.” I asked if it is easier to obey now and she said “yes”.

Great at catching balls.

Watched her follow a Lego guide with no trouble. She couldn’t even do it with me pre-therapy. Her engineering, problem solving, designing skills impress daily. Always gifted here, but soaring now.

Name: Jade
Age: 16
Date: 9/7/2016

We noticed changes the first few days. She began talking louder and was more tolerant of loud noises. She seemed happier. Around day 5 her friends told her they saw positive changes in her enough to ask her if there was anything going on. Day 4 was when I first noticed crying and sensitivity. This continued, and we ended up adding a bad attitude to it, off and on until about 1 week after therapy.

I started making a list of positive changes on Day 2. The list was so long that I stopped after a week. Jade laughs more, talks louder, does not accuse me of yelling at her, things my driving has improved because I do not make her car sick now, can tolerate and likes wearing sunglasses, and more. I wasn’t sure about treatment. Now I can see how it has opened her up to the world around her.

Name: Raeana
Age: 13
Date: 11/22/2016

There have been several changes we have noticed since she had sensory therapy. Raeana had trouble sleeping through the night. She would set up 2 to 3 times a night. Therapy has helped her to be able to sleep all night. She goes to bed early and is able to sleep 8-10 hours. Raeana also had difficulty with hearing how loud things were. She would watch T.V. on the computer and a commercial on a different video would come up and the sound would be extremely loud. Now when that happens she will lower the volume. Her tone when she is speaking is softer as well. She seems to be able to regulate her speaking volume better than before. Several people at church have noticed and commented to us that she is looking at them while speaking, which is something she would rarely do. She is making more eye contact with people.

Raena now is more willing to try difficult tasks than before she seems more motivated to accomplish new things. She has also been willing to try new food, mainly vegetables that she would not ever have tried before. She has started eating more those vegetables on a regular basis. We have also seen improvements with her ability to focus and not get distracted as easily as before.

Name: Hoyt
Age: 7
Date: 11/28/2016

I feel like there have been some positive changes. He will at times try some different foods even if it is a few bites. When he is riding he always looks out the window and talks about the things he sees. At times it’s like he is amazed at what all he can see. He is doing his schoolwork faster and writing is neater at times, seems to depend on his mood. His reading has improved and will at times read a few sentences on his own. Doing the therapy at home was very challenging, but we made it through it.