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2015 SLP Progress Reports

Name: Logan
Age 10
Date: 1/7/2015

Logan says he can see way better already! Now he holds his hand straight out from his ear and says he can see it! He has eagerly looked out the window of the car to see what he might have missed before. His brother came home from school saying he did better in soccer and foursquare.

I have noticed less frustration with school work although he is not seeing clearly yet. His attention span holds better when there is noise around him. He seems to be a little more confident of himself. Thanks for what you’ve done so far!

Name: Landin
Age: 13
Date: 3/3/2015

Since completing Sensory Learning Therapy Landin says he’s more observant. As his mom I’ve noticed Landin’s outlook has become positive. He has been willing to study and has already seen improvements in his test scores.

Name: Madison
Age: 10
Date: 4/6/2015

We have seen that Madison, senses have opened up a lot. Madison has all “A’s on her report card and has improved in all areas of her report card! She also has improved reading, writing, and at times focusing skills.

Name: Justin
Age: 8
Date: 4/16/2015

I started noticing changes about halfway through The Sensory Learning Program. He was having trouble speaking clearly. Many times he would have to give up sharing what he wanted. He now is consistently speaking clearly. He also seems more engaged than before. His teacher also noticed changes at school. She said he is better able to express himself through writing also, and his handwriting is much better. She also noticed his artwork is more accurate.

Name: Beau
Age: 5
Date: 5/27/2015

  • Beau is a lot more verbal/ chatty. He talks all of the time.
  • He takes in his environment and wants to talk about it.
  • He makes eye contact when he talks to us.
  • He is very funny and quite entertaining.
  • He doesn’t get tired as easy.
  • He is willing to try new things without fear.
  • He taught himself how to use the monkey bars. It took him many attempts, but he refused to give up. (This was not the norm for him. Normally he would cry and give up if he didn’t get something on the first try.) He completed the whole set of monkey bars by himself.
  • He will practice reading or look at books without fear of failure.

Name: Suzette
Age: 36
Date: 9/3/2015

The biggest change I have seen since I started is in the way I react to various life stresses. I may still get aggravated by things, but they don’t overwhelm me like they did before. I am much more calm in handling the craziness of my children, which is a huge blessing (for me and them!) I can also tell a difference in my sensitivities to various sounds – especially the high pitched ones. It’s very nice to be able to go through a normal day without being overwhelmed by simple, normal things. I’m so grateful for these changes and can’t wait to see more as time goes on!

Name: Jolette
Age: 8

Date: 11/10/2015

  1. Jolette has concentrate more at school
  2. We see that she does not cry durning homework
  3. She acts like she has more energy
  4. Talks to people more