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2014 SLP Progress Reports

Name: Charlton
Age: 8

Since starting sensory therapy, we have seen gradual changes in Charlton’s behavior, academics, athletics and social interactions. We feel that he is more aware in each of these areas.

Charlton enjoys chapter books more now than ever. He states that reading is easier for him, although he can’t explain in detail why that is the case. Charlton will sit down nightly and read for 25 minutes on grade level and above grade level books. Before Charlton read mostly picture books and he did not want to sit down and read.

Charlton seems more mature to me now. He is eager to get ready in the morning without being told to do so. He is helpful around the house, with chores, helping sisters, etc. It seems that is eager to please and help.

Charlton enjoys sports and he has continued his success in various athletics – his outlook on sports is positive, more attentive, and he is willing to try new things and strategies related to sports/athletics.

Charlton talks more about his day, in the past he might answer in short with “okay” and “yes’ or “no”, but now Charlton will give detailed answers and shares information freely. It’s as if he sees more and hears more around him.

We are so thankful for sensory therapy and the opportunity to complete it here in Birmingham. We are grateful for the positive changes and outcomes we have seen and continuing to see.

Name: Jonathon
Age: 4
Date: 8/7/14

Jonathon is no longer scared, when before, he would get very nervous when watching movies. He also no longer wets his bed. His pupils have reduced in size and he has new interest in trying school and learning to write. His patience has increased when dealing with loud and chaotic situations. He just doesn’t get as frustrated as easily. Very nice!

Name: Ja’Qualen
Age: 8
Date: 8/27/14

Since the beginning of Sensory Learning, we have noticed a few changes in our son. One change is he is doing more tasks without wearing his eye glasses. Another change is he is completing more of his school assignments since starting the Sensory Learning than he was last year. Other changes we have noticed are he is listening, paying attention, and staying on task more because of the Sensory Learning. This treatment has been very helpful for our son, and we hope it continues to show even more improvement in him!!

Name: Elias
Age: 7 ½
Date: 10/1/14

Eli’s handwriting has improved. His coloring has improved. Eli use to have 4-5 melt downs a day, now maybe 1! He gets jokes better and can make up his own now. Overall he just seems more like a 7yr not like a 5yr old. He understands social situations better too. This therapy has been a blessing to Eli and our whole family. We would recommend it to anyone.