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2013 SLP Progress Reports

Name: Sadie
Age: 6

Sadie was first struggling just sounding out basic sight words (black, the, etc.) the only two words she only knew where “a” and “I.” After our visit to Huntsville she has already started reading and scoring higher on her Lexile books. She and I noticed a change even while we were in Huntsville. Once we got home she read her first book, by herself. She took a test on the computer and got 7 out of 8 questions correct and only had assistance with one word. This was a huge change (prior all tests were read to Sadie as well as all books) Sadie’s spelling has always been strong when tested orally; but when she had to write them she would write words and letters backwards. We are now seeing less of this now. Sadie is now making 100% on most of her spelling tests. This has been a grand journey. Most parents would be so blessed to have the opportunity to meet people who listen to God’s calling in their lives like the Snider’s and all those connected. We are so grateful for the change they are bringing in our child’s life.

Name: Whit
Age: 12

Whit before the therapy was very shy, quite and did not interact well with people. Since the Therapy we have noticed some changes. He has seemed to be more outgoing. He does do more talking with other people. He has started to work more independently on homework. His grades have increased some, but we still need more improvement. We hope vision therapy will continue to show improvement. Whit knows he has to work harder than most kids to get the same results. Whit wants to continue to do better in school.

Name: Wager
Age: 10

Sensory learning and light therapy has been a miracle for our family. We always knew Wager was a bright kid and had more to say, but finding his words was sometimes difficult. We started noticing dramatic improvement in his communication.. more engaged in conversation, faster processing and word retrieval, using new vocabulary, longer sentences, initiating more mature conversation topics, and faster rate of speech, and a huge shift in confidence. Socially, Wager had almost like a subtle change that happened overnight, however the shift to more age appropriate behavior has been dramatic enough for his teacher to comment about the changes. Wager can also multitask and follow several step directions. This was almost completely impossible before. Wager has almost completely stopped reversing his letters and numbers which is huge! Wager used to always put his shirt on backwards every morning. He has not done that once since the 2nd day of light therapy! I feel like we have a new child who has so much hope and confidence now!

Name: Alexis
Age: 7

Alexis has a lot fewer meltdowns now. She voluntarily does more things for herself, and does things we tell her to without complaint. Before she would often complain that she had to brush her teeth or wash her own hair. She is also interested in playing with kids her own age now. Before she always wanted to play with younger children. She is calmer than she was before sensory therapy, and is more self starting.

Name: Fox
Age: 6

Fox seems to be behaving as a more typical six year old. Especially on a social level, Seems to be more “in tune” in general with jokes and general conversation. Just seems to be more awake within life in general. Also, is able to stop playing video games when asked, whereas before there were major tantrums regarding his Wii. Also seems to be more physical than before and maybe a little less afraid or anxious of things.

Name: Emma Grace
Age: 9

We have seen some changes since completing the Sensory Learning Program. She is off all of her medicine. She is more apt to try new things. She has done things that previously terrified her. Emma Grace Recently tried out for a musical and was able to sing and read lines for a panel of judges. Before SLP she would have been emotional and shy. Fear kept her from doing things that she enjoys. Emma Grace has tried a couple of new foods without being forced. Food is a major issue and we are hoping to see her continue to try new foods and possibly increase the variety of foods she will eat.

Name: Camden
Age: 10

Prior to sensory learning Camden’s anxiety was sky-high. He had no tolerance for frustration, sudden changes in routine, new foods, or anything unexpected or unfair ( in his eyes.) He was spoiling for a fight all the time. We all walked on eggshells around him. Immediately after beginning sensory learning we noticed a calming effect on him. He was a little more reasonable, not as prone to anger. He became more calm as therapy progressed. When we went home with the light box, he loved it. After the 18 days were over, he wanted to continue! It has now been 3 weeks since we finished and there has been such a change in Camden. His anxiety is so much more manageable and he has reasonable responses to frustration. He is happier and calmer and enjoying life more. Whereas before he often stumbled over his words, he now speaks more smoothly. We are so pleased with his progress. We have our sweet child back again.