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2012 SLP Progress Reports

Name: Major
Age: 8

Major had headaches with reading and complained that his brain did not feel right. He’s never enjoyed reading. He also struggled with focused attention and completing tasks.

Since beginning sensory learning therapy we have noticed improvement in focused attention and completing tasks. Major no longer has headaches when reading. He says he enjoys reading a little more.

We are pleased with the program and with the continued results of retests. His sensory integration has been addressed and his peripheral vision has opened up. I have no doubt we are giving our son the help needed so that he can work to his potential. Thank you Snider Therapy.

Name: Gracie
Age: 12

The first change we noticed shortly after the initial 2 weeks of light therapy was Gracie’s desire to figure out difficult words in her reading by herself! I would automatically start to help her whenever she would hesitate on a word (as I had always done). She surprised me when she told me to “let her figure it out herself.” She is understanding more of the context of her reading and remembering more of what she has read. Her math skills have begun to improve. She understands borrowing now in subtraction. This is a huge break through! Socially, she is becoming more outgoing with her peers and, thankfully, less dependent on me. We are anticipating many more positive changes as she continues in therapy. Our beautiful butterfly is emerging thank you so much!

Name: Josiah
Age: 11

Josiah’s handwriting has improved since doing the light therapy. I have also noticed that he seems more calm and behavior has improved. He is also more mature acting. He always has and still does have a wonderful sense of humor. He is a joy and a pleasure to be around. He seems to be adjusting well to a new school year. I am glad we brought him to Snider.

Name: Nico
Age: 8

When Nico first came to Snider Vision for his initial eval., his cognitive reasoning skills were limited. He was initially diagnosed Autistic at the age of 3 and began receiving services (speech and OCT) at age 3. We began Sensory Learning Program August of 2011 and Nico was 7 years old at that time. He had just completed his 2nd year of Kindergarten and still had not mastered the alphabet. He would not even attempt to read simple 3 letter words. He had not mastered numbers 1-10 and many times could not remember what a number looked like if you asked him. When driving in the car, he seldom saw anything outside of the car unless you specifically pointed it out. Even then it was seldom that he actually saw what you were referring to.

After the first day of SLP he told us, “thank you for fixing my head” at the end of the first therapy session. Although, we had to hold him down for the last 5-10 minutes of his sessions most of the time, it wasn’t because he was upset; it was because he was getting fidgety. After day 3 we started to notice some behavioral problems returning that had been long since laid to rest. After day 4 on the way home he pointed out something he saw from the car window and had a conversation with me about it. WOW!! I was in tears telling his speech therapist about it the next day. Although we saw some disturbing behavior regression, we also saw something we had not seen since his “shut-down” at age 2…We saw that beautiful little light go on in his eyes! He was engaged and animated. There are still some behaviors we are working on, but not so far off from neuro-typical that we can’t help him to overcome them. He continues to receive speech therapy and has an aide for some of the day at school to help him with “transition” and in areas where he needs extra help. He was on honor roll for ½ the year and only missed honor roll by 2 grade points in reading the second half of the year. He got the award in his classroom for the most improved in all areas. His teachers, aides, therapists and everyone who has worked with him are so amazed and excited with his progress. Dr. Snider continues to work with Nico and he has used prism glasses now since Sep. 2011 and will start some vision therapy if needed.

He will probably always have to work harder than his peers to accomplish the same goals, but at least now we finally see him reaching many of those goals. We have been blessed with wonderful teachers, aides and therapists.

We are so very glad that someone told us about SLP and referred us to Snider Vision Therapy!

Name: Nate
Age: 10

Nate had a hard time sleeping. He also couldn’t handle conflict without feeling loads of guilt. Now he can filter and learn from bad situations without guilt. Also, we have less restless nights. He is still learning to let go and relax. Before sensory learning we had a very sad child now he is a happy and joy filled boy.

Name: Walker
Age: 6

Walker has shown a lot of progress thus far and continues to improve daily. Before the first phase he had not passed a single test at school all year but now he has passed five. Walker sleeps better, and has less meltdowns. I am so happy we tried this program.


  • He’s calmer
  • Can handle change
  • Sleeps better
  • Eats better
  • Reads better
  • Letter recognition is much better
  • All senses are improving!

Name: Jacob
Age: 12

  1. Grades are now B’s and C’s still put a lot of work in getting homework done but he seems to understand the work more.
  2. He was in PE playing dodge ball and saw a ball coming at him from the side and saw it.
  3. Migraines have subsided to about one per month.
  4. Anger is still an issue but seems to calm quicker and faster.