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2011 SLP Progress Reports

Name: Ryan
Age: 12

Ryan completed the sensory learning program about a month ago and we have noticed some nice behavioral changes. Before sensory learning, Ryan would often get “stuck” in a panic mode when he was not able to participate in an activity in the same way as his sisters or peers. This often made things quite difficult for our family as he is on a special diet, has high functioning autism, and has difficulty doing things at the same level as his peers. He would often throw tantrums and would keep bringing up the issue over and over again.

After sensory learning, we find he is able to handle his diet and differences in his life with much more ease and grace. We are able to talk through a situation and come to a solution without the tantrums. After finding a solution, he is able to move on and let it go. This has made a HUGE difference in our lives as his previous state of frequent panic was exhausting for the whole family. We are also seeing more confidence and motivation in his school work as his self-esteem seems to be improving. We hope to see continued improvement as we continue with vision therapy.

Name: Sidda
Age: 4

Since beginning SLP, Sidda has fewer meltdowns. She has started playing with her toys more (baby doll especially). She is less argumentative when combing her hair. She doesn’t squirm and whine as much when you comb or wash her hair. Her wallowing on the furniture has decreased. She seems to be able to sit for longer periods to read books and discus the book and/or phonics.

Name: James
Age: 8

During the last month we have noticed his math skills have improved, social skills and his visual acuity is much better. He has also shown more independence. The most improvement would be his social activity. He has improved 100% in that category. His attitude toward homework is better and still improving. He has shown no anxiety toward reading. His reading is improving everyday. He seems to be more willing to breakdown the words now than before.

Name: Aaron
Age: 14

Prior to Sensory Learning my son experienced a great deal of frustration. A brilliant child and now young man – he often was filled with creative ideas yet frequently dissatisfied with his attempts to “flesh out” what he had envisioned. It’s like all his greatness was trapped inside causing much dismay or disappointment. But now, even days after finishing light therapy, he amazes me! The person I know him to be inside is coming out. It is so awesome to see him satisfied and pleased with himself (and us too!) at how easily he is handling decision making or emotional conflict. I’m proud of him and I know he is also proud of himself. But I would think both of us would agree our favorite result is the abundant laughter we experience in our lives now. What true freedom!! Thank you Sniders!

Name: Catie
Age: 8

Prior to my daughters first evaluation I was unaware of sensory development programs. Over the past three months I have watched social and emotional success. Beginning on day 2 of the light therapy it was evident that her frustration level had greatly diminished. I am thankful for this chance to pinpoint her exact weaknesses and delighted that there is help available. I look forward to her continued success.

As a teacher of students with special needs I often wonder how many of my students could be helped by this type of program. Snider Therapy has opened my eyes to information that is and will continue to be valuable to me as an individual, a mother, and a teacher.

In just over a month, my child went from D’s and C’s to C’s and B’s and some A’s. She went from reading 81 wpm to 113 wpm.

Name: Kate
Age: 12

Kate has definitely improved in sports (horseback riding) and socially. She has a greater sense of herself, both physically and emotionally. Her balance and coordination have gotten much better, and she is a lot more outgoing.

Name: Trevor
Age: 8

Mornings used to be very difficult for us. Trevor had a hard time waking up and staying on task to get ready for school was almost impossible.

Now Trevor wakes up as soon as his alarm clock goes off, and gets himself dressed and takes care of his responsibilities with little to no help. This is a huge relief for us.

We hope to see this progress expand to other parts of the day as well.