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2010 SLP Progress Reports

Name: Amos
Age: 8

My husband and I were both very skeptical of the changes we had heard about with the SLP. After four months, the change in our son is remarkable. He was always so sad and frustrated. He was never an “encourager” to those around him even though he had a huge compassionate heart. Now, he walks around singing, helping around the house (without complaining) and helping his little brother any way he can.

We still feel as if we have a way to go, but HOPE is what the Snider’s gave us and we did not have much before walking in those doors. My son is now able to communicate without yelling or raising his voice. He is making strides every day and I thank God for all of the guidance and encouragement from the Sniders. Our lives have all been changed!

Name: Jackson
Age: 9

Before the Sensory Learning, Jackson was very unhappy. He struggled in math and spelling. Studying was an all night affair with no results. Jackson was argumentative and confrontational. Since completing the program Jackson is more cooperative. He doesn’t get agitated as easily/ He minds much better. His handwriting has improved greatly. He seems to understand math concepts easier. Jackson doesn’t resist studying now. We study for a couple of hours a night and his test grades reflect it. I continue to see changes in him on a weekly basis. I highly recommend the program. Jackson is happy again and that was worth more than anything.

Name: Jacob
Age: 7

Since SL therapy, Jacob is calmer and much easier to manage. The biggest changes for him have been in his ability to more clearly articulate details of certain events, such as his day at school. He is also able to occasionally differentiate his days, whereas before “everything” was “yesterday.” He has better control of his impulses and his “volume” in most settings. His language has improved – what he says makes more sense now. He used to communicate thoughts in a jumbled, awkward manner. Now, his stories are easier to follow. I’m also noticing more maturity overall. In school, he’s still having to work on “focus” and work extra hard at reading and math, but he is “far” improved from last year. I’m starting to see things “click.” Overall, we’re very pleased with Jacob’s progress thus far.

Name: Josepha
Age: 8

He is off all his medicines and much calmer. He sleeps all night and does not wake up through the night. He sits and eats a meal without running around. His running and hollering has stopped. He is talking a lot more and making more sentences. His eating habits were very poor. And now he eats a lot of different things. And he has started gaining weight.

Name: Janna
Age: 12

She’s actually a joy to be around now. We lived (it seemed!) in a constant meltdown – always a second from a tantrum. However, it’s changed! Praise God it’s changed! She minds more easily. She’s more compassionate. She’s talking better –I believe more people can understand her. Music was her biggest thing. When we were told “no more headphones” my heart sank. Music soothed her and she would rock side to side constantly. But we progressed to a portable cd player and now we can leave it at home! Major improvement. She doesn’t “have to have it!” Also, with her hearing loss, everything was so loud – now she turns stuff down! Wow!! With prayer and God and this therapy, I’m utterly amazed. Thanks!

Oh – I sat out there in the waiting room, talking with others who’d already gone through the therapy and while hopeful, I was a little skeptical. Trust me – trust God – this will and does help. So thankful for the work God is doing!

Name: Walker
Age: 7

Walker has had many changes since he began this process. He is now off the Clondine that he had been taking for over four and a half years. He is eating and sleeping well. Walker can read and his handwriting has improved. He understands and takes instructions without confusion. Walker is maturing each and every day. Before the sessions he was going nonstop from the time he woke up.

I have a little boy that I feel is finally on the right track for his age. He is learning new things every day and is remembering things from the past and the present where as before he could not remember the day before. I feel so thankful and blessed and feel that Walker has a chance now to learn and interact with his friends and family whereas before he seemed to be a year or two behind.

Thank you so much for the difference this treatment had made in our lives and the blessing this treatment has been to Walker and to our family.

Name: Ginna
Age: 6

Since beginning sensory learning Ginna has changed so much. She is now able to see the board in the classroom where before she could not focus. She is able to remember what she has done at school and is able to report this info back to me daily. Before, she had trouble even remembering what was for lunch. Ginna has had trouble with the concept of mathematical addition and subtraction but after sensory learning she is able to process how to ad and subtract properly and identify why. It has been amazing. Our temper tantrums are gone and Ginna’s personality is more relaxed and easy going. She likes school more and looks forward to doing her homework and reading chapter books. Our spelling has improved and her thinking level has improved (she now thinks before she acts; instead of just doing). This has been a welcomed improvement. Sensory learning has changed our lives and we praise God for sending us to Snider.

Name: Kaylee
Age: 16

Since the Sensory Learning Program, Kaylee appears to be more aware of her surroundings. She responds to stimuli that she never did before. For instance, she notices directional signs and is much more observant. Kaylee seems to concentrate better and stays on tasks longer than before. In addition, Kaylee’s friends have reported that she is branching out and talking to more kids at school.

“A” for conversation, Kaylee’s discussions are more appropriate, and she converses more than before while maintaining a topic.

Name: Bo
Age: 10

It has been 14 months since we completed the Sensory Learning program. Before the therapy, Bo had screaming tantrums that would last for hours. His behavior was so out of control that he was being treated with Bi-polar medication. He could not function in school at all and was receiving special services through the school district.

After Sensory Therapy his tantrums diminished. At first they didn’t last as long, and then became few and far between. Now, 14 months later, he doesn’t have them anymore at all. He was removed from special services, and just his last six weeks he made the Honor Roll.

Snider Therapy changed my son’s life and the quality of our family life. I couldn’t recommend it more.